Module Activation

The fully coupled nature of the EFDC+ model has the great advantage of not requiring external linkage to other sub-models or executable files, therefore simplifying complex simulations. All calculations are undertaken internally in the EFDC+ code, which contains all of the sub-models, including hydrodynamics, wind generated waves, temperature, salinity, dye, sediment transport, toxics, water quality, and more. To make management of this wide range of options easy, EE allows you to turn each module on and off in one location, as shown below. Only when you turn on a given module, the respective options are displayed. This makes it easier to build a model in a logical, step-by-step process, and keeps the GUI orderly and concise.

Active modules settings in the EE GUI.

Default Parameters

EE saves you considerable time by automatically initializing EFDC+ parameters and settings with commonly used default parameters. For example, just by turning on the Water Quality sub-model, hundreds of water quality parameters are initialized. You can then modify these as required by the needs of your study.

EE also provides the option to load default parameters from existing models.