Initial Conditions Setup

EE provides tools for setting the initial conditions (ICs) in each EFDC+ sub-model with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With this tool, you can import from a variety of common file formats and then edit data, interpolate sparse data, apply data in user-specified regions, and/or average dense data into model cells.

Profile view of dissolved oxygen in EE.

Water Column

EE allows you to set initial conditions for the water column that are constant or vary horizontally and/or vertically. You can then view these ICs in 2D plan or profile views, allowing simple and rapid IC Quality Control for each specific sub-model.

Refine your model with easy point-and-click manual editing of cell ICs, or do group editing of ICs within user-defined polygons.

Sediment bed editor and bed core grain size.

Sediment Bed

EE makes it easy to build sediment transport models with its powerful sediment bed initialization features. Constant or horizontally and/or vertically varying ICs can be set in seconds.

A sediment core editing tool allows you to view the grain size distribution plots and d50s for each core, create and delete cores, and then automatically build your model’s sediment bed.