Model Setup Quality Control

EE streamlines the creation of EFDC+ models and minimizes errors by notifying you of settings that could lead to a poorly configured model. EE carries out hundreds of quality control (QC) checks prior to a model run and maintains an error status window, allowing you to review and keep track of reported issues.

Visualization of Initial Conditions

You can view every spatially relevant Initial Condition (IC) in 2D plan view and/or 3D to rapidly identify potential issues or inconsistencies in the model configuration.

Evaluate Model Metrics

EE performs hundreds of important checks on data, initial conditions, and model settings. For example, EE will check that forcings are properly linked to boundary cells and that all starting and ending times for a time series cover the entire run period.

Completeness Checks

CFL Time Step, Courant number, Orthogonal Deviation and many other key model metrics may be displayed in 2D plan view. EE facilitates viewing of both time-variable and fixed metrics to ensure correctly configured models.

CFL Time Step for Lake Okeechobee.