EFDC+ Explorer (EE)

A Pre- & Post-Processor for the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code

“If it wasn't for DSI, I'd still be editing text files and trying to figure out how to plot data."
Jeff Anderson
Northern Hydrology


Our Graphical User Interface (GUI), EFDC+ Explorer (EE), was designed with the end user in mind. We knew that making any version of EFDC easier to use would be beneficial to the scientific community, so we created EE to make the EFDC modeling process smoother and more efficient. EE eliminates the need for you, the modeler, to spend hundreds of hours on tedious data input and text file editing.  Furthermore, you’ll no longer need an extensive knowledge of programming or a FORTRAN compiler. EE provides an easy, step-by-step process for building a model.

More Efficient

Before EE, if you wanted to create a hydrodynamic model using any version of EFDC, you would need one to two YEARS to create, edit, run, and calibrate a model. Now, with EE’s input tools, computational efficiency, consistency checks, improved processing speeds, and overall usability improvements, you can have a viable complex model in only one to two MONTHS!

Create a model 10x faster!
1 x
Updates and improvements, with more coming!

Fully Supported

Environmental hydrodynamic models are used throughout the world to predict and analyze environmental events, resolve legal disputes, visualize toxic contamination, and provide solutions to intricate scientific problems. With so much at stake, we hold ourselves to a high standard in the maintenance and support of our software. Over the course of the development process, we have improved our modeling system with faster processing speeds, more analysis tools, new sub-models, and bug fixes. With every release, we continue to improve and update our software to meet the community’s needs.