What's New in Grid+ & CVLGrid

Release Grid+ 1.0.1 (230717)

July 2023

  • Updated orthogonalization of grid
  • Added cell info when selecting a cell
  • Add showing DEM Profile
  • Updated Adjust Y scale for cross-section profile
  • Loading overlay with shape file incorrectly positioned
  • Opening the legacy project file with insufficient information caused crash
  • Layers of an old project not cleared when opening a new project
  • Visibility of the color bar issue
  • Splitter Distance and Get Grid Properties issues caused crash
  • Refinement factor in global settings were not being saved
  • Turning off online background map made other layers turn off too
  • Zoom to layer for DEM data file issue
  • Plot empty when a cross-section elevation profile from DEM data was displayed
  • When reset to new project the project was not saved
  • Color ramp of orthogonal deviation on legend and grid did not match

Release Grid+ 1.0.0 (220822)

August 2022

  • Failed to export KML due to wrong .NET Framework version
  • Color ramp of Ortho deviation on legend and grid not matched
  • Reset to new project

Release Grid+ 1.0 (220630)

June 2022

  • Improved GUI
  • Object-oriented selection
  • Lat/Long coordinate system
  • Online background map
  • Generate grid from splines
  • Orthogonalize grid
  • Download online bathymetry data
  • Integrated with EEMS
  • Display multiple grid properties
  • Shortcut keys use

Release CVLGrid1.1.1 (181128)

November 2018

Minor New Features

  • Developed a new option for local refinement

Release CVLGrid1.1 (180510)

May 2018

New Features

  • Added the ability to load alternative versions of KMZ and KML files

Release CVLGrid1.1 (180313)

March 2018

  • Misspelling in the code that alerted virus checkers

Release CVLGrid1.1 (171009)

October 2017


  • Ensured everything would be saved when using the Save Project functions
  • Prioritized colors for new grids
  • Enabled Copy Overlay to Splines followed by grid generation
  • Added automatic creation of a new folder when saving to *.cvp file
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Load DTM file issues
  • RK/RM labels still kept after Reset Project
  • Coarsen local
  • Regularize Global
  • Import corners(4)
  • Export Spline after Fit to Polyline
  • Move up/down grid layer
  • Import SEAGRID, Ecomsed grid type
  • Connect 2 grids

Release CVLGrid1.1 (161025)

October 2016

  • Added a rental license option
  • Corrected spelling

Release CVLGrid1.1 (160926)

September 2016

Updates and Modifications
  • Added the ability to Load DTM File
  • Added NS-EW connection
  • Distance Measurement tool issue
  • Number of grids = 0 after renaming the grid
  • Crash when renaming “Grid layer” in Layer Control wtih Rename button
  • Grid file not saved when Save Project
  • “Add RK/RM labels” still kept after Reset Project 
  • Zoom to extents when loading a DTM file
  • Copy Overlay to Spline in Layer Control
  • Filename issue
  • Zoom to Polylines Label issue
  • Polyline Label issues
  • Polyline Offset Function

Release CVLGrid1.1 (160911)

September 2016

Updates and Modifications
  • Updated grid editing
  • Cleaned and formatted activation log
  • Added file description in task manager
  • Reset tool tips when project is reset
  • Updated Display Option
  • Updated Save Project
  • Added licensing updates
  • Spline export
  • Grid Generate
  • Project loading issue
  • Global regularizing issues
  • Grid connection issues
  • Grid Select/Grid Delete,
  • SEAGRID/ECOMSED import/export
  • DXDY/LXLY grid import problem
  • Delete cell by polygon
  • Split grid issue
  • Spline drawing 
  • Zoom extents issue

Release CVLGrid1.1 (160809)

August 2016

New Features

  • Improved orthogonalization methodology and improved user controls.
    • New orthogonalization options include use of Sorenson method and user-defined coefficients
  • Loaded digital terrain models to use topographic data in developing grids
  • Added Telescoping: the ability to create a distributed space between grid cells based on a user-defined distance weighting factor)
  • Added Split Grid: ability to split a grid domain into two grid domains
  • Imported and wrioe various new grid types, such as ECOMSED, SEAGRID, and CH3D
  • Edited selected polyline and add RM/RK labels
  • Added additional hotkeys for editing polylines
  • Added the ability to copy polylines to other layers
  • Improved and simplified layer controls
  • Streamlined user interface and made it more user friendly.

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