Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is an area of considerable concern and ongoing research globally. The EE Modeling System provides the means for engineers and policy makers to come to informed decisions when considering potential climate change scenarios.

Sea Level Rise

Adapting to rising sea levels and mitigating the impacts of storm surges and associated flooding is a pressing need in coastal areas.

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Atmospheric Temperature Change

Changing atmospheric temperatures in turn effect water temperatures and can have adverse impacts on a wide range of aquatic life. Simulation of the thermal regime coupled with forecast temperature scenarios helps regulators minimize the impacts of climate change and evaluate mitigation options.

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Salinity Intrusion

Salinity intrusion is of growing concern in many regions where natural fresh water flows are impacted because of direct human activity such urbanization and dam construction, as well as long term climatic variation. Estimating and evaluating the nature of the salinity intrusions on a seasonal and multi-year basis is a complicated process for which numerical modeling can bring great benefits.

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Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather events such as flooding, hurricanes and storm surge put extra pressure on coastal defenses and adjoining regions. Forecasting and warning services for natural disasters can help save lives but often require installation of flood forecasting and warning systems, along with decision support systems.

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