Get various utilities for extracting EFDC binary files to ASCII and viewing EMF files.

GetEFDC - EFDC Extraction Utility (FORTRAN)


This utility is a FORTRAN 90 program that extracts ASCII files from binary EFDC – EFDC_Explorer linkage files for EFDC from EE6.0 to EE8.4. The user should carefully follow the user guide provided with this tool. A compiled executable file and setup package is provided along with the original source code. This tool has also now been updated to extract netCDF formatted output from the binary EFDC output files.

Grid95 - Grid Generator


Grid95- A Public Domain Grid Generator Grid95 is public domain software. The output from Grid95 can be directly imported into EFDC_Explorer’s model generation function using the GRD saved results file. The program is a little “buggy” so save often!

PictureViewer 2.0


PictureViewer 2.0 is an upgraded version of DSI’s EMF viewing tool. Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS currently do not have a suitable native EMF viewing tool. PictureViewer 2.0 allows zooming, panning, slideshow and many other new features.

USB Dongle Driver for Offline Activation


If you are using the offline activation system it is recommend that you download and run the .bat file in the this zip folder. This will install the USB dongle driver and will allow the USB dongle to be correctly read by your PC.