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    Shuvashish RoyShuvashish Roy

    I have generated the basic input files for EPA EFDC using MATLAB grid generator: cell.inp,lxly.inp,dxdy.inp. Then I put the cellt.inp and show.inp. I am attaching the files below. However, whenever I try to run the program it says maximum iteration exceeded in external solution and when I use the demo version of EE it says there is problem with the lxly.inp files. However, if I run the EPA EFDC.exe it creates some data in the efdclog.out and efdc.out. Anyone experienced with grid generator and programming in this forum please let me know what is causing the problem in my grid generator that need to be addressed. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks.

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    Mizu KunMizu Kun

    I think here in this forum we do not support the EPA EFDC at all. So, please do not expect the response to those questions.

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