Lay Reservoir Real-time Model

Modeling Resources

A real-time 3D hydrothermal model was developed for Coosa River, AL, between Logan Martin Dam and Lay Dam using EEMS. The model’s external forcing factors include flow releases from Logan Martin and Lay Dam, flows from tributaries, power plant withdrawal and temperature rise, and atmospheric conditions. The real-time model was calibrated against the field measurements of flows, water level, and water temperature. The model was developed to serve as a decision-making tool for Alabama Power Company (APC) electricity generation and assist in efficient operation of Logan Martin, Lay and Plant Gaston in order to meet generation needs while staying in thermal compliance at the monitoring buoy below Gaston. An online web interface was designed to visualize the results of the real-time EFDC model and provide quantitative comparisons to the thermal standard to help in real-time decision making. The web interface allows users to perform various scenario analyses that help to understand the possible changes in the water temperature in the waterbody under different environmental scenarios. Abstract from “Development of a Real-time Thermal Hydrodynamic Model Using EFDC as Decision Support Tool for Compliance and Operations” Thomas Weems and Paul M. Craig. Proceedings: The Fourth Thermal Ecology and Regulation Workshop. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2016

Figure 1  Schematic of the system of dams and steam plant.

Figure 2 Images extracted from web portal of the real-time model.