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EFDC_Explorer was designed with the end user in mind. With our graphical user interface you no longer need to deal with the tedious effort of determining which input files are needed and what their formats are. Also, EFDC_Explorer provides you a broad range of post processing tools to meet almost every model analysis and reporting need. This saves you time, sanity, and makes the modeling process run much smoother.


Our experts have been working with the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) since its early development. We know that accuracy is critical for your projects. Our version of EFDC (EFDC+) has been significantly updated to provide more robust, accurate and stable model results. We are constantly testing for accuracy and identifying areas for greater performance.

Development Focus

We understood from the beginning that our tool needed to be constantly evolving to suit the needs of the modeling community. We have improved the original EFDC with faster processing speed, additional capabilities, computational improvements, and bug fixes over the course of the development process. We continue to improve and update the software with every release and user input helps us improve features and functionality.

See how the EE Modeling System helped these customers...

Alberta Environment & Parks

DSI was contracted by Alberta Environment & Parks to develop a model as an assessment tool to evaluate the existing flow and water quality condition in the upper Little Bow River and potential impact of various flood related management plans. EFDC was selected...

Southwest Florida Water Management District

The Southwest Florida Water Management District was in the process of developing methods and rules for the establishment and implementation of Minimum Flows and Levels (MFL) for priority water bodies within its jurisdiction...

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