Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower projects are large complex engineering feats that require cutting edge analysis of design options to minimize environmental and human impacts while at the same time allowing safe and efficient power generation. The EFDC_Explorer Modeling System provides the tools required to support the designer, operator and regulator in hydropower engineering projects throughout their life cycle.

Photo by Jani Brumat on Unsplash

Dam Break and Flooding

Flood extents modeling is typically carried out to determine impacts of a dam break scenario. Often operators also need to determine the significance of their dam releases in relation to impacts from natural flood events.

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Tailwater Analysis

Assessing the potential for tail-water scour downstream of a dam is a key issue in hydro projects. Dam failure due to poorly designed spillways and forebays can result in significant loss of life and property. Furthermore, dams often withdraw water from the hypolimnion where dissolved oxygen levels are lower, impacting water quality in the tailwater.

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Intake Analysis

Engineers often need to consider a range of layouts for hydropower intake design. The optimal design can depend on a range of factors including the type, number and location of intake structures.

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