LTS Release Setup Package

Bug Fixes
– Fixed Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
– Updated Mass loading

Bug Fixes

No changes

Edge Release Setup Package


  • Time series contour for WQ parameters

Bug Fixes

  • 2DH View
    • DO saturation issue
    • Copy cell does not display in 2DH
    • Fixed issue Extract avg TS from selected cells
  • 2DV View
    • 2DV view toolbar fixed
  • Layout files
    • Save/load TS extract setting
  • Analytics
    • Improved DB connection handling
    • Fix Mongo timeout by forcing tls1.2
  • Jet/Plume
    • Missing K field for withdrawal cell
    • EE does not save withdrawal cell to card C28 of EFDC.INP file
    • Jet/Plume Boundary condition does not store the newly added boundary
    • Jet/Plume Boundary condition warning despite using Qser flows for Jet/Plume type
  • Key combination Ctrl+V in time textbox in time control issue
  • High frequency output with domain option issue
  • Total value in report data series issues
  • Scale option in open model frame not working
  • Flow assignment for all time series does not work
  • Flow time series issue


  • Reverted gravity constant back to 10.3 version g = 9.81 m/s2
  • Updated BC_EDGEFACTOR usage as a user defined multiplier to adjust Boundary cell momentum
  • Ignored both evaporation and rainfall for the option IEVAP = 0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue in the model LAR with “Ice” module active

Understanding EEMS Version Numbers

DSI now provides a stable and an edge release version of EEMS. We will provide only GUI bug fixes to the stable version and not add any new features, or make changes to the computational engine.

Edge release will include minor enhancements, features, and fixes to both the GUI and computational engine (EFDC+).

The naming system works in such a way that the second number, 10.x.0 represents, at minimum, a change to EFDC+, and the third number 10.3.x represents a fix to EE.

Details of all of the improvements for EFDC+ Explorer and EFDC+ can be found in these links.