Stable Release Setup Package
Release notes

EFDC+ Explorer


  • Both the original EFDC module and the SEDZLJ module underwent important improvements. This involved an upgrade of the top bed layer check, as well as addressing issues related to total mass and hard bottom cells in 2DH, timeseries, 2DV, vertical profiles, and longitude profile plots.

Bug Fixes

  • Activated the Tab key to jump between fields in 2DH cell selection form
  • 2DH Model Comparison showed the NAN value for certain areas
  • Crashed when clicking the 2DH button in some cases
  • Crashed while changing Vertical Layers in some cases
  • GUI issues when switching fields using Tab key, resizing, entry validity checks
Edge Release Setup Package



  • GOTM (General Ocean Turbulence Model)
  • Navigation Locks
  • Algae Vertical Migration
  • Geographic Coordinates
  • Macrophyte Hydrodynamic Feedback
  • 3TL Timestep Adjustment
  • MPI for 3TL
  • Move Inflow Boundary
  • Buoyancy with Potential Temperatures


EFDC+ Explorer


  • Geographic Coordinate System: supports multiple projections coordinate including “Cartesian/UTM Coordinates in Meters”, “WGS84 Geographic Coordinates (Lat/Long) In Degrees”, “User Defined” and “No Projection”.
  • Upgraded the GUI for Mass Loading data series in WQ Boundary Condition Options.
  • Upgraded “Dry deposition“ for Water Quality.
  • QA check for relative humidity and cloud cover series.
  • Upgrade to WebView2 as the WebView is now deprecated for HTML report and Demo mode.
  • Moved domain decomposition to its own section under the Grid heading.
  • Go to selected cells in 2DV View by Ctrl+V keystrokes.
Tools - EEMS-BASINS Plugin 1.6

This EEMS plugin for BASINS exports a BASINS model and creates a grid and hydrodynamic model in EEMS. The download includes a pdf file with instructions for installation and use. Learn more on the landing page and this video demonstrates the steps required to build a watershed model in BASINS with Lake Mendota. 

Understanding EEMS Version Numbers

DSI now provides a stable and an edge release version of EEMS. We will provide only GUI bug fixes to the stable version and not add any new features, or make changes to the computational engine.

Edge release will include minor enhancements, features, and fixes to both the GUI and computational engine (EFDC+).

The naming system works in such a way that the second number, 10.x.0 represents, at minimum, a change to EFDC+, and the third number 10.3.x represents a fix to EE.

Details of all of the improvements for EFDC+ Explorer and EFDC+ can be found in these links.