LTS Release Setup Package

Bug Fixes
– Fixed Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
– Updated Mass loading

Bug Fixes

No changes

Edge Release Setup Package

– Added time steps for NetCDF output frequency
– Updated average of cells for time series
– Changed software name of EE to EFDC+ Explorer
– Changed ChemFate to Contaminant in GUI
– Updated sediment bed layer limitation
– Added check box to turn on/off all parameters of ATM series
– Updated units to tonnes in Mass Balance for WQ
– Updated units to ug/l for toxic in groundwater data series

Bug Fixes
– Groundwater series issue when change modules
– Background Worker for Mass Loading
– Conversion unit for BEDBDN reading
– Crashed when converting object of level to float
– Removed WQ parameter in GWSer
– Missing edge inactive cell in cell.inp
– Corrected reading evaporation factor in aser file
– NetCDF issue: VSEL and Velocity not extracted if select each file separately
– Viewing format number of rainfall and evaporation fator

Bug Fixes
– Corrected the value of gravity in Jet/Plume
– Fixed issue of time series index for ground water source/sink interpolation
– Fixed issue of writing NetCDF file in certain models
– Improved the stablity of anti-reflection for open boundary

Understanding EEMS Version Numbers

DSI now provides a stable and an edge release version of EEMS. We will provide only GUI bug fixes to the stable version and not add any new features, or make changes to the computational engine.

Edge release will include minor enhancements, features, and fixes to both the GUI and computational engine (EFDC+).

The naming system works in such a way that the second number, 10.x.0 represents, at minimum, a change to EFDC+, and the third number 10.3.x represents a fix to EE.

Details of all of the improvements for EFDC+ Explorer and EFDC+ can be found in these links.