LTS Release Setup Package

Bug Fixes
– Fixed Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
– Updated Mass loading

Bug Fixes

No changes

Edge Release Setup Package
  • New options for partitioning for ChemFate
  • Added Wind Rose plot in 2DH View
  • Updates to EE to Export NetCDF UGRID from .OUT files
  • Fast settling – EE now post-processes sediment fast settling classes
  • Macrohydro options to display new macrophyte growth parameters
Bug Fixes
  • 2DH View
    • Calibration layer properties
    • Timing bar issue
    • View for AHO
    • Minimum value in legend when comparing models sometimes incorrect
    • Velocity plotting error
    • Issue exporting output to Shapefile issue due to too few significant figures
    • Wind station does not display in 2DH
    • Issue with turn on/off layers in the Layer Control
    • LPT export tracks issue and display
  • 2DV View
    • K layer displayed in 2DV is not correct
    • In 2DV view, velocity vectors do not properly align
  • Vertical profile
    • Import external data file feature does not work
    • Setting of ICs with Vertical Profile not behaving as expected
  • EE Project save/load
    • Save model from EE11.2 to EE8.5 version improvements
    • New Blank Plot failed to “Save Layout“ and “Export Image”
  • Layout files
    • Save layout including shapefile
    • Option to save layout while exporting image doesn’t work
  • Weighting of flow series not updating in display
  • Download open boundary conditions data error
  • Ice IC does not update in warm start file
  • View open boundary Group flow issue
  • Data precision of lat-long coordinate for wind and met stations
  • Vertical layer and Sigma Zed
    • SGZ uniform layering plotting options issue
    • Splitting layers
  • Sediment
    • Sediment bed output frequency issue
    • Sediment bed initialization files
    • EE not able to read sediment bed related time series after changing output interval
  • Propeller wash
    • Display active ship tracks and ship location at a time snapshot
    • List of Ships issues
    • Ship tracks not shown after split tracks
  • ChemFate
    • Kinetic & Loss Terms bug issue
    • Negative POC Bound Concentration
    • EE spatially varying chemfate partitioning
    • Cannot plot TS for CFT sediment bed contaminants if change freq of sediment bed layers
    • EE ChemFate porewater diffusion rate value, POC values, save model issue
    • Average of selected cells to create TS incorrect
  • WQ
    • Initial Condition form issue
    • EE mass loading – Model ID issue
    • Importing WQ data issue
    • EE calculate derived WQ mass loading issues
    • Output of the Chl-a
  • W/R constant time series issue
  • Model Analysis
    • Flux Transects missing parameters for flow and layer setting
    • Cruise plots for calibration
    • Cruise plot from 2DH
  • Habitat Analysis Tool issues


  • Macrophyte and periphyton growth can now move between layers
  • Fast settling of sediments has been implemented
  • ChemFate has been integrated with fast settling classes
  • ChemFate partitioning options have been supplemented. There are now two new files, PARTITIONB.INP and PARTITIONW.INP to allow for spatial varying of toxic partition coefficients in the sediment bed and water column
  • Update to NetCDF for drifters module so now write a separate file
  • Macrohydro option to allow for impact of macrophyte growth on hydrodynamics

Bug Fixes

  • Sediment fast settling issues
  • SEDZLJ output frequency issue
  • Zero HBED issue
  • Momentum flux options updated for flow boundary conditions
  • Several bugs fixed in ChemFate module
  • Calculation of solar radiation (option IWQSUN = 2) from ASER.inp file improved
  • Calculation of bed temperature modified to prevent excessive heat in shallow cells from

Understanding EEMS Version Numbers

DSI now provides a stable and an edge release version of EEMS. We will provide only GUI bug fixes to the stable version and not add any new features, or make changes to the computational engine.

Edge release will include minor enhancements, features, and fixes to both the GUI and computational engine (EFDC+).

The naming system works in such a way that the second number, 10.x.0 represents, at minimum, a change to EFDC+, and the third number 10.3.x represents a fix to EE.

Details of all of the improvements for EFDC+ Explorer and EFDC+ can be found in these links.