LTS Release Setup Package

Bug Fixes
– Fixed Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
– Updated Mass loading

Bug Fixes

No changes

Edge Release Setup Package


  • Updated GUI for high-resolution screens
  • Added a new option to show color ramp for values of bathymetry data files
  • Updated Jet/Plume boundary conditions frame
  • Updated Nutrient fraction RPEM GUI including all forms, controls, and messages
  • Added a QA check if the number of vertical layers at cells adjacent to open BC cells are not equal while opening the SGZ model thicknesses
  • Updated GUI layout for biota input form
  • Disabled max-height textbox when the threshold is not zero in the “Algae and Macrophyte Options” form.
  • Removed and clean up unused dependencies and references to reduce the setup package size.
  • Moved the EE settings file into the AppData directory.
  • Updated distance tool reporting

Bug Fixes

  • Modules
    • Unable to disable the MHK module
    • Crash when activating the Water Quality module in some cases
    • View Boundary Group (Water Surface Elevation) issue
    • Updated to load legacy propwash models
    • Crash after changing SGZ option & number of layers
    • Erosion Rates option is selected correctly in SedZLJ form
    • The textboxes are not enabled if the “Compute Skin Frictions” and “Use Constant Bed Shear” are checked
    • Erosion Rate & Core Definition tabs did not updated after changing Erision Rates option
  • Initial Conditions
    • Bottom roughness option setup error
    • Sediment core data for initial bed condition issue
  • NetCDF
    • Crash when exporting LPT tracks to NetCDF file
    • Corrected NetCDF writing bed thickness, bed density, bed porosity, and bed toxics of the SedZLJ model.
  • Time Series
    • Incorrect time series plot for water level at open boundaries as used harmonic data series to calculate even if not assigned to the boundary
    • Crash when LMC viewing options in the groundwater series
  • Vertical Profiles and Longitudinal Profiles
    • EE does not save comment content to layout file
    • EE does not load all timing frames
    • Close model button keep going to the right side and disappears when pressing Home/End button.
    • Timing control position was not in the toolbar when using a layout.
  • 2DH
    • Contour issue in some models with is inconsistent grid cell order
    • The propeller wash subgrid is not aligned with the ship icon
    • The cell index is not updated when editing in the cell map.
    • Crash when using the “Show selected cells” option
    • Crash when loading a layout to compare models, but a model is not loaded.
    • Memory leak in TileLayer for Background Maps
    • Crash when trying to display the wind vector in the 2DH map.
    • Crash after adding “Graticule Layer”
    • “Edit cell” box sometimes disappear
    • Windrose does not show in the Timing frame.
  • Sediment Bed / Diagenesis times were incorrect if the output frequency was not the default value.
  • Importing groundwater issue.
  • Fixed reading C32 issue in EFDC GVC model.
  • Fixed Biota and Zooplankton crash issues when enabling WQ from scratch.
  • Fixed some issues for Save/Load EE Setings.
  • Revert data after clicking “Cancel” button in Water Quality form.
  • Fixed error in groundwater data importing.
  • EE version in efdc.inp incorrect.


  • Cleaned legacy code when using manual array ALLOCATE and initialized to the function AllocateDSI to improve code readability and minimize the possibility of uninitialized variables.
  • Clarified and updated treatment of ice time series and ice time series options. For the cases of ISICE = 1 or 2, the user specifies the time series of ice on/off.  In legacy EFDC code, the ISICE = 2 option was for time series of ice thicknesses.  However, EFDC has never used ice thickness in the calculations of ice impact; it only used ice on or ice off.  Ice thickness was removed from the ISE time series.  ISICE = 2 interpolates ice on/off flags to set the ice on/off state.  If the ice flag is >= 0.5, then the ice flag is on; if the flag is < 0.5, then the ice flag is off.
  • Lowered the minimum value used to prevent division by zero when concentrations are zero in the anti-diffusion option to eliminate impacts on the results.
  • Additional code refactoring.

Bug Fixes

  • Propeller momentum from a single propeller can be distributed across multiple cells if the propeller is larger than the cell size. However, in 11.5, propeller momentum was left “on” for some cells after the propeller was turned off.  This bug has been corrected in 11.6.
  • Fixed the EE linkage files to correctly save wave dissipation when using multiple MPI domains.
  • Fixed bug with OpenMP multi-threading that produced slight differences in the results between single and multiple thread runs of the same model. Now there are no differences in EFDC+ results for single versus multi-threaded runs.
  • Improved the single domain to multiple domain MPI runs when comparing model results. Small differences in results between a single domain run compared to multiple domain model runs still exist due to computer truncation error differences between different runs.  However, these differences are generally very small when comparing time series for the same cell between different runs.
  • Fixed bug that overwrote certain arrays read in the from the restart.inp file.
  • Updated the reporting of propwash timing to the TIME.LOG file and screen.
  • Corrected a bug when initializing bulk decay versus biodegradation.
  • Fixed a bug when initializing a SEDZLJ bed from the SEDBED_HOT.SDF file.
Tools - EEMS-BASINS Plugin

This EEMS plugin for BASINS exports a BASINS model and creates a grid and hydrodynamic model in EEMS. The download includes a pdf file with instructions for installation and use. Learn more on the landing page and this video demonstrates the steps required to build a watershed model in BASINS with Lake Mendota. 

Understanding EEMS Version Numbers

DSI now provides a stable and an edge release version of EEMS. We will provide only GUI bug fixes to the stable version and not add any new features, or make changes to the computational engine.

Edge release will include minor enhancements, features, and fixes to both the GUI and computational engine (EFDC+).

The naming system works in such a way that the second number, 10.x.0 represents, at minimum, a change to EFDC+, and the third number 10.3.x represents a fix to EE.

Details of all of the improvements for EFDC+ Explorer and EFDC+ can be found in these links.