What's New in EFDC+

Release 11.2 Edge (220421)

April 2022

  • Corrected the value of gravity in Jet/Plume
  • Fixed issue of time series index for ground water source/sink interpolation
  • Fixed issue of writing NetCDF file in certain models
  • Improved the stablity of anti-reflection for open boundary

Release 11.1 Edge (220401)

April 2022

  • WASP8 Linkage
  • Tropical Cyclone Module
  • NetCDF UGRID output
  • Propwash Enhancements
  • Jet/Plume Enhancements
  • User defined wind drag option

Release 10.3.8 LTS (211115) / 10.3.9 LTS (220218)

November 2021 / February 2022

  • Added high frequency output for multiple dye classes
  • Added NetCDF output for multiple algae classes
  • Corrected the implementation of O’Connor-Dobbins formula for the calculation of DO reaeration process in WQ models

Release 10.3.6 (211015) / 10.3.7 (211019)

October 2021

  • Calculation of ice options 1, 2 to account for ice thickness and ice temperature
  • Calculation of bed temperature and other temperature issues for legacy heat balance option

Release 10.3.5 (210825)

August 2021

  • Arrays out for writing out more variables
  • Vegetation drag
  • Option for calculation of evaporation following Arifin et al 2016
  • Changed propwash friction coefficient (c_f) approach to constant for submesh
  • Functional double precision working for MPI
  • Update to propwash bedload for original sedtran
  • Using field file for bathymetry issue
  • Toxics initial concentration issue
  • Propwash bedload bugs in the original sedtran approach

Release 10.3.4 (210628)

June 2021

  • Propwash for original sediment transport
  • Display of propwash when blocked by masks
  • Issue in the CSNDEQC function for Van Rijn’s approach

Release 10.3.3 (210608)

June 2021

  • Reading input file for bed temperature, TEMB.INP.
  • Full heat balance (legacy) in the temperature module.
  • Issues in the propwash module.

Release 10.3.2 (210525)

May 2021

  • Deactivate propwash mesh nodes blocked by dry land or grid masks
  • Issue of sediment deposition to an empty bed
  • Initial conditions for algae
  • Reaeration process of DO in Water Quality module
  • Several bugs in propwash module

Release 10.3.1 (210414)

April 2021

  • Calculation of wave parameters for MPI models
  • Activate different options for open boundary
  • Time frequency of water surface and propwash

Release 10.3 (210315)

March 2021

  • Propeller wash module
  • Unlimited macrophyte/periphyton groups
  • Unlimited zooplankton groups
  • Oil wind shear

Release 10.2.4 (210205)

February 2021

  • Output not written for internal wind-wave module output
  • Issue related to using constant WQ loadings giving high values (1D River model)
  • Initialized the QSUME3 variable in code
  • Fetch not correctly calculated when using multiple domains for Internal Wind-waves module (will be fixed in EEMS10.3)

Release 10.2.3 (201230)

December 2020

  • Issue of computing bedload fluxes for outflow for all non-cohesive sediment classes
  • Issue when initializing sidiment fluxes in sediment diagenesis
  • Issue of ICAL parameter for Jet Plume model
  • Scanning ISER.INP file when running on MPI model
  • Writing WCOUT for shear stress from non-cohesive components
  • HBED for SEDZLJ models and improved wet/dry
  • Fixed issue of array size in some models
  • Issue of high DO in 1D River model due point source loading not correctly updated in MPI version

Release 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 (200622)

June 2020

  • Changed the unit of toxic bed in NetCDF to mg/m2
  • Added latitude and longitude coordinates for volume oil tracking in NetCDF and changed WQFPIP by WQFPIPM

Release 10.2 (200527)

May 2020

New Features

  • Implemented MPI – full parallel processing with EFDC+ on a single machine or on a cluster.
  • Added Shellfish Farm module
  • Added SEDZLJ Sediment and Toxics Modeling

Release 10.1.5 (200409)

April 2020

  • Updates for hot starting SEDZLJ
  • Updates NetCDF for LPT, Sediment, Toxics export
  • Dividing by HBED = 0 in mod_efdcout
  • Unterminated block and lack of defined temporary variables
  • Toxic atmospheric deposition issue
  • Issue for updating time variable wind and pressure field
  • Issue related to culvert type 1 and 2
  • Calculating air pressure gradient when using the pressure field

Release 10.1.4 (200316)

March 2020

  • Wet and dry toxic deposition
  • Fixed hydraulic structure: Culvert type 1,2
  • Time variable winds and pressure field

Release 10.1.3 (200227)

February 2020

  • Toxic dry deposition time
  • Double precision exe for MLWC
  • Bug for s_sedzlj missing EXIT for KBT
  • SEDZLJ bedload
  • NetCDF for Sediment Bed, Toxics, Wind, LPT, SedZLJ…

Release 10.1.2 (200114)

January 2020

  • Project settings for all of the builds
  • Mod_fields for FNAME
  • Double precision executable file
  • S_SEDZLJ missing EXIT
  • Toxic dry deposition time
  • LPT Model Crash issue

Release 10.1.1 (191217)

December 2019

  • Vertical masks
  • Fixed SEDZLJ bedload
  • NCOUT handling
  • Hydraulic Structure Controlled by TS

Release 10.1 (191112)

November 2019

New Features

  • Added toxic atmospheric deposition
  • Implemented face blocking
  • Implemented new bottom shear approach for drag coefficients
  • Updates to Time Varying Fields
  • Implemented new STOPP approach, replaced STOP with STOPP
  • Update to MLWC approach
  • Redesigned AVCON (constant AV) approach
  • Enable NetCDF for 64bits
  • Updates to CALTBXY
  • Updates to NQSMUL 5 & 6
  • Changes to CALTBXY and CALHDMF
  • Fixed bug with LPT 0 index for SUB3D/SVB3D
  • Fixed constant AVO cases
  • Fixed WQ open BC issue
  • Fixed bugs in toxics when using hard bottom
  • Fixed Issue with bedload exit and hardbottom
  • Fixed fields for ASER and WSER

Release 10.0.1 (190812)

August 2019

  • A number of minor updates to the Beta release.

Release 10.0.0 (190517 Beta)

May 2019

New Features

  • Added use of spatially and temporally varying fields
  • Implemented sediment transport updates
    • Improved sediment bed initialization with more QC checking
    • Provided user-defined cell-by-cell activation/deactivation of sediment transport for both SEDZLJ and Original sediment modules
    • For SEDZLJ:
      • Added equation-based erosion rate calculations (E = A*tau^n)
      • Added ability for user-specified maximum erosion rates by class and layer
      • Added user-defined sediment bed characteristics independent of SEDFLUME cores
      • Improved bed shear calculation approach
  • Provided user-defined dye classes
    • The number of dye classes is now unlimited, with the ability for each class to have a unique set of properties including:
      • 0 order decay or growth
      • 1 order decay that is optionally temperature dependent
      • Settling velocity
  • Restructured the water column transport and vertical diffusion to reduce computational times
  • Added spatially varying background vertical diffusivity (AVO)
  • Added integrated reported flows in the EE linkage file EE_BC.OUT for better mass balance calculations in EE
  • Corrected routines so that OMP results are exactly the same for all numbers of threads
  • Made other code changes to improve model performance and accuracy

Release 8.5.0 (190520)

May 2019

  • SEDZLJ bedload OMP bug
  • Updates to the project file
  • Negative sediment concentrations reporting
  • WASP output

Release 8.4.4 (181128)

November 2018

New Features

  • Added wind drag coefficient options that now include: Original Rel U/V, Hersbach, and COARE3.6 Simplified
  • Improved the algorithm for computing wave-induced Stokes drift using SWAN outputs.
  • Revised the LPT routine in EFDC+ so it now includes a slippage factor so particles do not adhere to walls
  • Made a significant update to option 2 for groundwater interaction, with GWMAP and GWSER options
  • WASP .hyd file not being generated.

Release 8.4.3 (180723)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • Improved the hydraulic structure to write time-series control states to linkage file
  • Improved the LSQHARM calling logic for harmonics

Release 8.4.2 (180710)

July 2018

  • 3TL solution with original EFDC SedTran
  • Active-Parent Layering when parent layer completely erodes then deposition later

Release 8.4.1 (180524)

May 2018

  • Added XYRATIO for large aspect cells
  • Fixed division by zero issue of DIASED in Read C40 EFDC.input.f90
  • Added the fixed SND EQ concentration to calsnd.f90
  • Patches to restart options including restart usage of ISCI

Release 8.4 (180510)

May 2018

New Features

  • Added time-variable and rule-based control of sluice gates
  • Added rule-based control of the withdrawal/return boundary
  • Added spatially variable AHD and AHO
  • Added a momentum option for the flow boundary type
  • Specified elevation – Free tangential open boundary condition
  • Added a whole channel rating curve option
  • Mass balance issues with 3TL solution and SEDZLJ
  • Jet/Plume issues with using SGZ
  • Withdrawal/Return momentum issue with bottom layer using SGZ

Release 8.3.1 (171229)

January 2018

New Features

  • Added flat SGZ layering bypass to calebi.f90
  • Added Spline interpolation to PSER data
  • Clean up on toxics mass balance 
  • Updates to SEDZLJ and Toxics (mainly CBLTOX)
  • SEDZLJ probability of deposition bug

Release 8.3.0 (171004)

October 2017

Major New Features

  • Conserved mass balance in the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added toxics capability to the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added Volatilization and Biodegradation to toxics
  • Enhanced the Sigma-Zed sub-model to support one vertical layer
  • Modified the Sigma-Zed sub-model linkage files to exclude unused vertical layers

Minor New Features

  • Updated continuation runs for enhanced Sigma-Zed and SEDZLJ models
  • Added a growth factor for Dynamic Time Stepping
  • RPEM output and linkage issues

Release 8.2.3 (170602)

June 2017

  • Issue with wave calculations
  • Update to SGZ metrics
  • Fixed WNDWHT input bug

Release 8.2.2 (170303)

March 2017

  • Issue with temperature spikes (requiring updates caluvw, calpuv2c, calpuv9c routines)
  • Issue with dynamic time stepping

Release 8.2.2 (170217)

February 2017 

Updates and Modifications

  • Revised SGZ cell face metrics to better handle fluctuating WLs
  • Updated SEDZLJ for erosion/deposition and bedload to correct mass balance
  • Removed MORPHJ (note that this requires a change to the EFDC.INP file so all models need to be saved before running for this release)
  • Open BC vertical velocities bug
  • Changed calheat to treat dry cells
  • Bug fixed for WNDWHT and rearranged indices
  • Hydraulic structure issue
  • Bug when ISTOPT(2) =0
  • Changed the the order of the variables reading from C1A

Release 8.2.1

January 2017 

  • No bug fixes to EFDC+

Release 8.2.0 (161118)

November 2016

Major New Features

  • Added netCDF Output from EFDC+
  • Added Atmospheric Pressure Impacts on Hydrodynamics
  • Added a new Temperature Sub-Model Heat Balance option

Release 8.1.3 (160923)

September 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Updated #output location
  • Fixed TFAST/TSLOW bug for Full Heat Balance
  • Lagrangian Partical tracking issues in Sigma Zed

Release 8.1.2 (160825)

August 2016

  • Changed the DryLoss summary
  • Drifter going through hydraulic structure BCs

Release 8.1.1 (160809)

August 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Added an option to fix particles to the bed after deposition
  • Provided the ability for particles to not move with water depth

NOTE: Full deactivation and reinstallation required when updating to this version.

  • 3TL issues (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.0 (160708)

July 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Release 8.0.3 (160603)

June 2016

  • EE_SEZIJ.OUT and bugs from Yong Bok model
  • Bug in SETBCS that caused the velocities to be reported as 0
  • Reverted to Jacobian matrix to 073_OMP code

Release 8.0.2 (160509)

May 2016

  • Issue with velocity not being output for some models

Release 8.0.1 (160404)

April 2016

  • Corrected caltoxb.f90 issue
  • Updated wet/dry issues with HKP/H1PK
  • Updated caltran.f90 for the anti-diffusion (nuanced) approach
  • Fixed some windwave issues when using SGZ
  • Added LLAD/LKAD variables )
  • Removed vegetation from open BC cells

Release 8.0.0 (160307)

March 2016

New Features

  • Integrated Sigma Zed EFDC Model into EFDC+
  • Added the OMP Model as part of EFDC+
  • Enhanced hydraulic structures including culverts and bridges
  • Added East-West connectors

For earlier releases, download the full change log: 2017_07_14 Updates to EE-EFDC (EE3 to EE8.2) (168 downloads)

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