What's New in EFDC+

Release 12.0 Edge (230925)

September 2023

  • GOTM (General Ocean Turbulence Model)
  • Navigation Locks
  • Algae Vertical Migration
  • Geographic Coordinates
  • Macrophyte Hydrodynamic Feedback
  • 3TL Timestep Adjustment
  • MPI for 3TL
  • Move Inflow Boundary
  • Buoyancy with Potential Temperatures

Release 11.8 LTS (230825)

August 2023

  • Partial cell masks to include full blocking with sills
  • Issue of reading segment name file for hydrodynamic linkage file in WASP8

Release 11.7 LTS (230623)

June 2023

  • Vegetation: EFDC+ vegetation drag option has historically used an implicit momentum approach for the external and internal model solution.  However, this approach produced unrealistic velocities for multi-layer model when the vegetation only partially penetrated the water column.  A new explicit approach has been added that handles both fully and partially penetrating vegetation in single or multiple layer configurations.
  • Wind Waves: Coupled the EFDC+ wind wave approach to the SEDZLJ sediment transport module.  Previously, the wind wave approach was only linked to the original sediment transport module.  Improved the EE linkage of computed wave generated shear stresses and the display of wave parameters.
  • Propwash: Implemented a new approach for specifying applied power to allow for forward and reverse thrust.
  • Restart file generation: EFDC+ should allow the restart files to be generated at a specified interval or at the end of the run (EoR).  However, the EoR option did not work properly. EFDC+ now will generate restart file at regular intervals and/or EoR.
  • Wind Waves: Updated the wind wave module to use the average water depth along the fetch for each cell at each time step instead of average model domain water depth.
  • Jet-Plume Boundary Conditions: Fixed the implementation of withdrawal/return flow option.
  • MPI Implementation Bugs:
    • High Frequency Model Output
    • Jet-Plume boundary conditions
    • Cell face masks (ISMASK > 1)
  • For the two-time level solution, updated the wetting/drying process to prevent invalid adjustments to the water column constituent concentrations when a cell goes dry. This correction was already implemented for the three-time level solution.

Release 11.6 Edge (230220)

February 2023

  • Cleaned legacy code when using manual array ALLOCATE and initialized to the function AllocateDSI to improve code readability and minimize the possibility of uninitialized variables.
  • Clarified and updated treatment of ice time series and ice time series options. For the cases of ISICE = 1 or 2, the user specifies the time series of ice on/off.  In legacy EFDC code, the ISICE = 2 option was for time series of ice thicknesses.  However, EFDC has never used ice thickness in the calculations of ice impact; it only used ice on or ice off.  Ice thickness was removed from the ISE time series.  ISICE = 2 interpolates ice on/off flags to set the ice on/off state.  If the ice flag is >= 0.5, then the ice flag is on; if the flag is < 0.5, then the ice flag is off.
  • Lowered the minimum value used to prevent division by zero when concentrations are zero in the anti-diffusion option to eliminate impacts on the results.
  • Additional code refactoring.
  • Propeller momentum from a single propeller can be distributed across multiple cells if the propeller is larger than the cell size. However, in 11.5, propeller momentum was left “on” for some cells after the propeller was turned off.  This bug has been corrected in 11.6.
  • Fixed the EE linkage files to correctly save wave dissipation when using multiple MPI domains.
  • Fixed bug with OpenMP multi-threading that produced slight differences in the results between single and multiple thread runs of the same model. Now there are no differences in EFDC+ results for single versus multi-threaded runs.
  • Improved the single domain to multiple domain MPI runs when comparing model results. Small differences in results between a single domain run compared to multiple domain model runs still exist due to computer truncation error differences between different runs.  However, these differences are generally very small when comparing time series for the same cell between different runs.
  • Fixed bug that overwrote certain arrays read in the from the restart.inp file.
  • Updated the reporting of propwash timing to the TIME.LOG file and screen.
  • Corrected a bug when initializing bulk decay versus biodegradation.
  • Fixed a bug when initializing a SEDZLJ bed from the SEDBED_HOT.SDF file.

Release 11.5 (221018) Edge / 11.5.2 Edge (230105)

October 2022 / January 2023

  • Added “fast settling” sediment classes during propwash erosion events. The fast settling classes reflect the process of mass erosion due to a more turbulent and energetic flowfield in the propwash plume.  These mass eroded sediments then behave differently in the water column than the original sediment classes, predominantly by reflecting a faster settling rate than the original sediment classes. The addition of the fast settling classes and the fate and transport of these sediments is dynamically handled by EFDC+.  The fast settling classes are fully integrated into the toxics transport of EFDC+.
  • Added two new open boundary condition types. A free tangential and a zero tangential anti-reflection boundary condition were added to improve the propagation of waves out of the model domain without reflecting off the open boundary.
  • Improved the zero tangential and free tangential radiation boundary conditions previously in EFDC+ to handle non-zero average tidal levels.
  • Added capability of macrophyte growth between layers and for the base of the macrophytes to be in any layer. Allows for floating macrophytes to start at the surface and drape down into the water column.
  • Added more detail to the executable logging for the efdc+ output files
  • Limit the withdrawal layers to only active layers. This check was needed because the  Sigma-Zed vertical layering approach can use different numbers of layers per cell.
  • Removed duplicate timing variables ISTL_ and IS2TL_ from all subroutines. These variables were available in the global module.
  • Disabled horizontal eddy diffusivity and viscosity for large aspect ratio cells on the open boundary.
  • Improved reporting of ice generation limitations when cells are shallow and/or dry.
  • Added more checks for toxic bed initial conditions.
  • Improve the performance of the cyclone wind field boundary condition option.
  • Fixed issues with multiple toxics using multiple OpenMP threads. Now when using multiple threads or single threads, the toxic calculations are reproducible.
  • Fixed water quality mass loading when using withdrawal flow conditions as the original mass loading approach for water quality state variables did not address withdrawals.
  • Forced dry cells to be wet for point source loading inflows.
  • Fixed a bug for converting groundwater inflow time series from input units to cubic meters per second.
  • PSMLMULTIPLIER was added to the mass loading option to correct for 3TL solutions. Historically, the mass loading for 3TL was underestimating loads due to the trapezoidal correction.  For 2TL solutions, the PSMLMULTIPLIER is = 1.0, but for 3TL solutions, PSMLMULTIPLIER is adjusted for the number of steps between the corrector step.

Release 11.4 Edge (220822)

August 2022

  • Reverted gravity constant back to 10.3 version g = 9.81 m/s2 (In 11.2, the gravity constant was changed to 9.807 from 9.81 to represent a more “mid latitude” domain.  This small change had a small impact on all models with density activated.  For this reason, the change was reverted in 11.4 back to the 9.81 constant used in previous versions).
  • Improved the application of the BC_EDGEFACTOR to address momentum flags for models with multiple boundary condition cells adjacent to each other.  This will not impact models without a large number of adjacent BC cells.
  • Ignored both evaporation and rainfall for the option IEVAP = 0
  • Removed unnecessary variable arguments in numerous subroutines and functions
  • Fixed bug that did not update ice temperatures when the ice cover fully melted.  This will not have any impact on the model results.

Release 11.3 Edge (220712)

July 2022

  • ChemFate partitioning options have been supplemented. This new feature allows the user to control partitioning on a cell-by-cell basis to better represent spatially varying site conditions. There are now two new files, PARTITIONB.INP and PARTITIONW.INP to allow for spatial varying of toxic partition coefficients in the sediment bed and water column. 
  • Added “fast settling” of cohesive classes that are eroded by propwash to the SEDZLJ sediment transport module.  This was added to address different settling rates of material eroded by mass or bulk erosion (i.e. eroded chunks) of a cohesive bed.  These larger chunks settle faster than the discrete particle erosion of a more uniform flow patterns.
  • The “fast settling” approach has been fully integrated into the ChemFate module.
  • Update to NetCDF for Lagrangian particle tracking module and added more variables. This now writes a separate file.
  • Macrophyte and periphyton growth can now move between layers
  • Macrohydro option to allow for impact of macrophyte growth on hydrodynamics
  • SEDZLJ output frequency issue
  • Zero HBED issue.
  • Improved the treatment of momentum flags for open boundaries.  Previously, open boundaries would disable the cell momentum for both the boundary cell and the adjacent cell if using the “zero tangential” option.  Now only the open boundary cell momentum is disabled.  If a model used open boundaries, the user may experience slight variations in model results during periods of higher velocities at the boundary.
  • Several bugs fixed in ChemFate module including degradation and volatilization when using MPI.
  • Improved bed temperature handling for shallow and dry cells when excessive solar radiation is transmitted through the water column.  Ensured bed temperature initial conditions were within a realistic range (0 to 50 deg C) for models with shallow cell and/or wetting and drying activated that allow bed temperatures to be updated during the simulation, small differences in temperature, especially in the shallower cells, will be seen.
  • Fixed bug for adding ChemFate using the jet/plume boundary condition.  Previously, toxics were ignored in the plume calculations.  Now the code correctly handles toxic discharges.
  • Changed the code to use the internal TIMESEC global timing variable instead of integer iteration counts
  • Fixed a bug when using hot starts with propwash and sediment transport turned on. Hot starts now work as expected

Release 11.2 Edge (220421)

April 2022

  • Corrected the value of gravity in Jet/Plume
  • Fixed issue of time series index for ground water source/sink interpolation
  • Fixed issue of writing NetCDF file in certain models
  • Improved the stablity of anti-reflection for open boundary

Release 11.1 Edge (220401)

April 2022

  • WASP8 Linkage
  • Tropical Cyclone Module
  • NetCDF UGRID output
  • Propwash Enhancements
  • Jet/Plume Enhancements
  • User defined wind drag option

Release 10.3.8 (211115) / 10.3.9 (220218)

November 2021 / February 2022

  • Added high frequency output for multiple dye classes
  • Added NetCDF output for multiple algae classes
  • Corrected the implementation of O’Connor-Dobbins formula for the calculation of DO reaeration process in WQ models

Release 10.3.6 (211015) / 10.3.7 (211019)

October 2021

  • Calculation of ice options 1, 2 to account for ice thickness and ice temperature
  • Calculation of bed temperature and other temperature issues for legacy heat balance option

Release 10.3.5 (210825)

August 2021

  • Arrays out for writing out more variables
  • Vegetation drag
  • Option for calculation of evaporation following Arifin et al 2016
  • Changed propwash friction coefficient (c_f) approach to constant for submesh
  • Functional double precision working for MPI
  • Update to propwash bedload for original sedtran
  • Using field file for bathymetry issue
  • Toxics initial concentration issue
  • Propwash bedload bugs in the original sedtran approach

Release 10.3.4 (210628)

June 2021

  • Propwash for original sediment transport
  • Display of propwash when blocked by masks
  • Issue in the CSNDEQC function for Van Rijn’s approach

Release 10.3.3 (210608)

June 2021

  • Reading input file for bed temperature, TEMB.INP.
  • Full heat balance (legacy) in the temperature module.
  • Issues in the propwash module.

Release 10.3.2 (210525)

May 2021

  • Deactivate propwash mesh nodes blocked by dry land or grid masks
  • Issue of sediment deposition to an empty bed
  • Initial conditions for algae
  • Reaeration process of DO in Water Quality module
  • Several bugs in propwash module

Release 10.3.1 (210414)

April 2021

  • Calculation of wave parameters for MPI models
  • Activate different options for open boundary
  • Time frequency of water surface and propwash

Release 10.3 (210315)

March 2021

  • Propeller wash module
  • Unlimited macrophyte/periphyton groups
  • Unlimited zooplankton groups
  • Oil wind shear

Release 10.2.4 (210205)

February 2021

  • Output not written for internal wind-wave module output
  • Issue related to using constant WQ loadings giving high values (1D River model)
  • Initialized the QSUME3 variable in code
  • Fetch not correctly calculated when using multiple domains for Internal Wind-waves module (will be fixed in EEMS10.3)

Release 10.2.3 (201230)

December 2020

  • Issue of computing bedload fluxes for outflow for all non-cohesive sediment classes
  • Issue when initializing sediment fluxes in sediment diagenesis
  • Issue of ICAL parameter for Jet Plume model
  • Scanning ISER.INP file when running on MPI model
  • Writing WCOUT for shear stress from non-cohesive components
  • HBED for SEDZLJ models and improved wet/dry
  • Fixed issue of array size in some models
  • Issue of high DO in 1D River model due point source loading not correctly updated in MPI version

Release 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 (200622)

June 2020

  • Changed the unit of toxic bed in NetCDF to mg/m2
  • Added latitude and longitude coordinates for volume oil tracking in NetCDF and changed WQFPIP by WQFPIPM

Release 10.2 (200527)

May 2020

New Features

  • Implemented MPI – full parallel processing with EFDC+ on a single machine or on a cluster.
  • Added Shellfish Farm module
  • Added SEDZLJ Sediment and Toxics Modeling

Release 10.1.5 (200409)

April 2020

  • Updates for hot starting SEDZLJ
  • Updates NetCDF for LPT, Sediment, Toxics export
  • Dividing by HBED = 0 in mod_efdcout
  • Unterminated block and lack of defined temporary variables
  • Toxic atmospheric deposition issue
  • Issue for updating time variable wind and pressure field
  • Issue related to culvert type 1 and 2
  • Calculating air pressure gradient when using the pressure field

Release 10.1.4 (200316)

March 2020

  • Wet and dry toxic deposition
  • Fixed hydraulic structure: Culvert type 1,2
  • Time variable winds and pressure field

Release 10.1.3 (200227)

February 2020

  • Toxic dry deposition time
  • Double precision exe for MLWC
  • Bug for s_sedzlj missing EXIT for KBT
  • SEDZLJ bedload
  • NetCDF for Sediment Bed, Toxics, Wind, LPT, SedZLJ…

Release 10.1.2 (200114)

January 2020

  • Project settings for all of the builds
  • Mod_fields for FNAME
  • Double precision executable file
  • S_SEDZLJ missing EXIT
  • Toxic dry deposition time
  • LPT Model Crash issue

Release 10.1.1 (191217)

December 2019

  • Vertical masks
  • Fixed SEDZLJ bedload
  • NCOUT handling
  • Hydraulic Structure Controlled by TS

Release 10.1 (191112)

November 2019

New Features

  • Added toxic atmospheric deposition
  • Implemented face blocking
  • Implemented new bottom shear approach for drag coefficients
  • Updates to Time Varying Fields
  • Implemented new STOPP approach, replaced STOP with STOPP
  • Update to MLWC approach
  • Redesigned AVCON (constant AV) approach
  • Enable NetCDF for 64bits
  • Updates to CALTBXY
  • Updates to NQSMUL 5 & 6
  • Changes to CALTBXY and CALHDMF
  • Fixed bug with LPT 0 index for SUB3D/SVB3D
  • Fixed constant AVO cases
  • Fixed WQ open BC issue
  • Fixed bugs in toxics when using hard bottom
  • Fixed Issue with bedload exit and hardbottom
  • Fixed fields for ASER and WSER

Release 10.0.1 (190812)

August 2019

  • A number of minor updates to the Beta release.

Release 10.0.0 (190517 Beta)

May 2019

New Features

  • Added use of spatially and temporally varying fields
  • Implemented sediment transport updates
    • Improved sediment bed initialization with more QC checking
    • Provided user-defined cell-by-cell activation/deactivation of sediment transport for both SEDZLJ and Original sediment modules
    • For SEDZLJ:
      • Added equation-based erosion rate calculations (E = A*tau^n)
      • Added ability for user-specified maximum erosion rates by class and layer
      • Added user-defined sediment bed characteristics independent of SEDFLUME cores
      • Improved bed shear calculation approach
  • Provided user-defined dye classes
    • The number of dye classes is now unlimited, with the ability for each class to have a unique set of properties including:
      • 0 order decay or growth
      • 1 order decay that is optionally temperature dependent
      • Settling velocity
  • Restructured the water column transport and vertical diffusion to reduce computational times
  • Added spatially varying background vertical diffusivity (AVO)
  • Added integrated reported flows in the EE linkage file EE_BC.OUT for better mass balance calculations in EE
  • Corrected routines so that OMP results are exactly the same for all numbers of threads
  • Made other code changes to improve model performance and accuracy

Release 8.5.0 (190520)

May 2019

  • SEDZLJ bedload OMP bug
  • Updates to the project file
  • Negative sediment concentrations reporting
  • WASP output

Release 8.4.4 (181128)

November 2018

New Features

  • Added wind drag coefficient options that now include: Original Rel U/V, Hersbach, and COARE3.6 Simplified
  • Improved the algorithm for computing wave-induced Stokes drift using SWAN outputs.
  • Revised the LPT routine in EFDC+ so it now includes a slippage factor so particles do not adhere to walls
  • Made a significant update to option 2 for groundwater interaction, with GWMAP and GWSER options
  • WASP .hyd file not being generated.

Release 8.4.3 (180723)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • Improved the hydraulic structure to write time-series control states to linkage file
  • Improved the LSQHARM calling logic for harmonics

Release 8.4.2 (180710)

July 2018

  • 3TL solution with original EFDC SedTran
  • Active-Parent Layering when parent layer completely erodes then deposition later

Release 8.4.1 (180524)

May 2018

  • Added XYRATIO for large aspect cells
  • Fixed division by zero issue of DIASED in Read C40 EFDC.input.f90
  • Added the fixed SND EQ concentration to calsnd.f90
  • Patches to restart options including restart usage of ISCI

Release 8.4 (180510)

May 2018

New Features

  • Added time-variable and rule-based control of sluice gates
  • Added rule-based control of the withdrawal/return boundary
  • Added spatially variable AHD and AHO
  • Added a momentum option for the flow boundary type
  • Specified elevation – Free tangential open boundary condition
  • Added a whole channel rating curve option
  • Mass balance issues with 3TL solution and SEDZLJ
  • Jet/Plume issues with using SGZ
  • Withdrawal/Return momentum issue with bottom layer using SGZ

Release 8.3.1 (171229)

January 2018

New Features

  • Added flat SGZ layering bypass to calebi.f90
  • Added Spline interpolation to PSER data
  • Clean up on toxics mass balance 
  • Updates to SEDZLJ and Toxics (mainly CBLTOX)
  • SEDZLJ probability of deposition bug

Release 8.3.0 (171004)

October 2017

Major New Features

  • Conserved mass balance in the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added toxics capability to the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added Volatilization and Biodegradation to toxics
  • Enhanced the Sigma-Zed sub-model to support one vertical layer
  • Modified the Sigma-Zed sub-model linkage files to exclude unused vertical layers

Minor New Features

  • Updated continuation runs for enhanced Sigma-Zed and SEDZLJ models
  • Added a growth factor for Dynamic Time Stepping
  • RPEM output and linkage issues

Release 8.2.3 (170602)

June 2017

  • Issue with wave calculations
  • Update to SGZ metrics
  • Fixed WNDWHT input bug

Release 8.2.2 (170303)

March 2017

  • Issue with temperature spikes (requiring updates caluvw, calpuv2c, calpuv9c routines)
  • Issue with dynamic time stepping

Release 8.2.2 (170217)

February 2017 

Updates and Modifications

  • Revised SGZ cell face metrics to better handle fluctuating WLs
  • Updated SEDZLJ for erosion/deposition and bedload to correct mass balance
  • Removed MORPHJ (note that this requires a change to the EFDC.INP file so all models need to be saved before running for this release)
  • Open BC vertical velocities bug
  • Changed calheat to treat dry cells
  • Bug fixed for WNDWHT and rearranged indices
  • Hydraulic structure issue
  • Bug when ISTOPT(2) =0
  • Changed the the order of the variables reading from C1A

Release 8.2.1

January 2017 

  • No bug fixes to EFDC+

Release 8.2.0 (161118)

November 2016

Major New Features

  • Added netCDF Output from EFDC+
  • Added Atmospheric Pressure Impacts on Hydrodynamics
  • Added a new Temperature Sub-Model Heat Balance option

Release 8.1.3 (160923)

September 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Updated #output location
  • Fixed TFAST/TSLOW bug for Full Heat Balance
  • Lagrangian Partical tracking issues in Sigma Zed

Release 8.1.2 (160825)

August 2016

  • Changed the DryLoss summary
  • Drifter going through hydraulic structure BCs

Release 8.1.1 (160809)

August 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Added an option to fix particles to the bed after deposition
  • Provided the ability for particles to not move with water depth

NOTE: Full deactivation and reinstallation required when updating to this version.

  • 3TL issues (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.0 (160708)

July 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Release 8.0.3 (160603)

June 2016

  • EE_SEZIJ.OUT and bugs from Yong Bok model
  • Bug in SETBCS that caused the velocities to be reported as 0
  • Reverted to Jacobian matrix to 073_OMP code

Release 8.0.2 (160509)

May 2016

  • Issue with velocity not being output for some models

Release 8.0.1 (160404)

April 2016

  • Corrected caltoxb.f90 issue
  • Updated wet/dry issues with HKP/H1PK
  • Updated caltran.f90 for the anti-diffusion (nuanced) approach
  • Fixed some windwave issues when using SGZ
  • Added LLAD/LKAD variables )
  • Removed vegetation from open BC cells

Release 8.0.0 (160307)

March 2016

New Features

  • Integrated Sigma Zed EFDC Model into EFDC+
  • Added the OMP Model as part of EFDC+
  • Enhanced hydraulic structures including culverts and bridges
  • Added East-West connectors

For earlier releases, download the full change log: 2017_07_14 Updates to EE-EFDC (EE3 to EE8.2) (3468 downloads )

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