Academic Support

Development and Partners

DSI is committed to supporting and partnering with universities around the world. We understand that universities need access to innovative and dynamic tools in order to stay on the forefront of scientific research and development. That is why we offer a full academic support package to our users at our partner universities. When a university buys a license of EFDC_Explorer Modeling System (EEMS) and keeps the subscription current, we support that university in the following ways:


  • We provide a 50% discount on all products purchased by the university.
  • For training events held by DSI, university students and faculty from partnering universities are eligible forfree US-based training held near our DSI office. Note: Training events held by our sales partners may not beeligible for free training.

Free research and classroom trial licenses for students:

  • For each single-license purchased by a partnering university, we are now providing two seats (users) for useby professors or students.
  • Classroom licenses can be generated for professors who want to use EEMS in the classroom. Classroom licenses are limited to 3 months. A professor from a partnering university can request licenses for 3 classes during the year subscription.
  • Unlimited access to EEMS demo licenses for students.

License support and updates:

  • Partnering universities will receive access to all EEMS upgrades and version updates while the subscription iscurrent.
  • DSI offers general license installation and activation support for all users (even students using Demo versionsin their classrooms). Email us with issues and questions.

Technical Support:

  • Partnering universities will also receive 8 hours of free technical support per maintenance year. Support is provided electronically and requests for support should be sent to email.


  • Students and faculty have access to post and answer questions from other users on the EEMS user forum onour website.
  • DSI monitors a Facebook group specifically for students studying EFDC around the world. All students and professors are welcome to join group on Facebook.

Source code:

  • EFDC+ source code for EE8.5 is available for download on Github. DSI invites students and faculty to share any improvements to the code with DSI for further improvement of EFDC_Explorer.

Note: This Academic Support package is intended to apply only to Universities. Research organizations and institutes are not eligible for this support package. All Universities must sign an Educational Use Agreement in order to be eligible for the benefits of this package.