Engineering Challenges and Solutions

How EEMS helps solve pressing environmental engineering issues

Habitat Analysis

Organism distribution and survival depends on their habitat. Learn how EEMS helps resolve complex problems related to the aquatic environment.
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Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is an area of global concern and ongoing research. EEMS is helping scientists and policy makers develop informed mitigation approaches.
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Maintaining navigability of shipping channels and dealing with coastal erosion are high priority issues. See how EEMS helps find solutions for bed morphology and shoreline changes.
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Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower projects are large complex engineering feats that require cutting edge analysis of design and operational options. EEMS provides the tools to support hydropower projects throughout their life cycle.
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Environmental Compliance

Ensuring environmental compliance is a key part of any industrial project. EEMS's ability to accurately simulate conditions for permitting and operational scenarios is key to cost-effective compliance.
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Contaminated Sediment Management

EEMS has extensive proven capability in supporting industry and regulators by developing defensible models of waterbodies contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxic substances.
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