What's New in EFDC+ Explorer

Release 12.0.1 Edge (240308)

March 2024

  • Both the original EFDC sediment module and the SEDZLJ module underwent important improvements. This involved an upgrade of the top bed layer check, as well as addressing issues related to total mass and hard bottom cells in 2DH, timeseries, 2DV, vertical profiles, and longitudinal profile plots.
  • Plots for Hydraulic Structure boundary updated
  • Improvements to the Run bat file:
    • Set KMP_BLOCKTIME=200 in bat file.
    • Remove the %PATH% from the set path line.
    • Set communication fabric on all MPI runs: I_MPI_FABRICS=shm and I_MPI_FABRICS=shm:ofi
    • OMP_NUM_THREADS with smt/hyperthreading system
  • Updated the wind direction convention (0: Towards, 1: From) in the form and report
  • Added anti-aliasing in 2DH
  • Interface:
    • Missing two buttons in Error Statistics Report.
    • Corrected SWAN spelling issue and rearranged.
    • Resolved Groundwater Unit Display issue.
    • Added tooltips for Wind Direction Convention.
    • Updated Atmospheric Interface.
  • Layout settings:
    • Fixed Time series layout, calibration time-series plots issues
    • Resolved issues with reading calibration layout from files
  • Input files:
    • Corrected parameter names in the parameter descriptions of efdc.inp.
    • Fixed the data series format in Sdser.inp not updating correctly.
    • Resolved the issue that EE did not read format number of Boundary Conditions data series.
    • Updated WQ mass loading concentration data series (wqpslc.inp).
    • Fixed incorrect west direction existing flow in sedblbc.inp, and undesired updates in sedblbc.inp file’s direction parameters.
    • Fixed reading C24 for grouping Flow BC in the legacy model.
    • Fixed reading itype for the legacy model for WSEL data.
    • Resolved issues with WSE data series are not assigned to water level boundaries when reading legacy pser.inp without ITYPE.
  • Modules:
    • Adjusted LPT Interface Boundary.
    • Changed SWAN Model button name “Create SWAN Input Files” and “Import SWAN Results”
    • Fixed issue that Time Aggregation feature does not work
    • Fixed DZCKTop and Downstream projection issues
  • 2DH and Timeseries, 2DV:
    • Updated MPI Sub domain in Cell Map
    • Fixed Sediment Bed Mass Fraction Top Layer Display issues in 2DH and Time Series
    • Fixed date conversion with F7 key in 2DH legend
    • Fixed “Select Object inside Polygon was not reset in 2DH” issue
    • Resolved issue when selecting points from a file in 2DH does not update instantaneously
    • Adjusted LPT Track Display in 2DH
    • Updated LPT for 2DV viewing and selected drifters
    • Added Zooplankton parameters to plot in 2DH
    • Fixed 2DH Model Comparison shows the NAN value for certain areas
    • Activated the Tab key to jump between fields in 2DH cell selection form
  • 3D View:
    • Corrected the color range
    • Updated the clipping
    • EE changed the sediment bed mass fractions for the top two layers to zero (sedb.inp & snd.inp) when modifying vegetation class parameters via 2DH view.
  • Crash issues:
    • Crashed when configuring settings in Hydraulic Structure Control Rules form.
    • Crashed when inputting water quality input data.
    • Crashed some places if the path contained illegal characters
    • Crashed while changing Vertical Layers in some cases
    • Crashed if set only one layer for SGZ
    • Crashed when reading WC.out of the legacy model (Deepak – Lower Bow)
    • Crashed on 2DH and 3D when using remote desktop on AMD CPUs
    • Crashed after adding Biota group
    • Crashed if clicking on Copy & New button in Boundaries Data Series
  • Others:
    • EE did not create the #analysis folder when loading the model.
    • Timing option setting works improperly when using the duration of the reference period
    • Fixed issue SEDZLJ outputs for bed wet density time series
    • m_NK was not set correctly when changing layer splits which can cause crash
    • Fixed computed flow issues
    • Fixed Wind Speed Conversion Factor issue
    • Time Variable Data Field: Bottom Roughness issue
    • Mass Balance class options issue

Release 11.8.2 LTS (240307)

March 2024

  • 2DV view did not display color after changing the color ramp settings.
  • Mean predicted value in the reported statistic was incorrect.
  • Crash when configuring settings in Hydraulic Structure Control Rules form.
  • Crash when inputting water quality input data.
  • Renamed variables in NetCDF exported from EE for both the bed top mass cohesive and the bed top mass noncohesive.
  • Changed the sediment bed mass fractions for the top two layers to zero (sedb.inp & snd.inp) when modifying vegetation class parameters via 2DH view.
  • Wind station location does not save.

Release 11.8.1 LTS (231219)

December 2023

  • Both the original EFDC module and the SEDZLJ module underwent important improvements. This involved an upgrade of the top bed layer check, as well as addressing issues related to total mass and hard bottom cells in 2DH, timeseries, 2DV, vertical profiles, and longitude profile plots.
  • Activated the Tab key to jump between fields in 2DH cell selection form
  • 2DH Model Comparison showed the NAN value for certain areas
  • Crashed when clicking the 2DH button in some cases
  • Crashed while changing Vertical Layers in some cases
  • GUI issues when switching fields using Tab key, resizing, entry validity checks

Release 12.0 Edge (230925)

September 2023

  • Geographic Coordinate System: supports multiple projections coordinate including “Cartesian/UTM Coordinates in Meters”, “WGS84 Geographic Coordinates (Lat/Long) In Degrees”, “User Defined” and “No Projection”.
  • Upgraded the GUI for Mass Loading data series in WQ Boundary Condition Options.
  • Upgraded “Dry deposition“ for Water Quality.
  • QA check for relative humidity and cloud cover series.
  • Upgrade to WebView2 as the WebView is now deprecated for HTML report and Demo mode.
  • Moved domain decomposition to its own section under the Grid heading.
  • Go to selected cells in 2DV View by Ctrl+V keystrokes.

Release 11.8.0 LTS (230825)

August 2023

  • Export contour lines to a file for 2DV
  • QA check for cloud cover
  • Error assigning BC
  • EE crashed when changing boundary cells.
  • EE crashed when signing in to Grid+ using the demo mode.

Release 11.7 LTS (230623)

June 2023

  • Apply criteria for “Compute Course” and “Compute Heading” for Propwash
  • Export MP4 format
  • Remove version & license info from the title bar
  • Refactor and clean up the code for generating animations
  • Make the “Available CPU Cores” an editable field if the core count cannot be determined
  • Update LPT for the display of entire tracks
  • Add menu item for EFDC+ Theory and EULA documents
  • Modules
    • EE did not ignore an invalid a flag in the summary report in Model Control
    • Update Momentum Options size and text in Flow Boundary Conditions form
    • The decomp.jnp file was reset to use a single subdomain when saving the model
  • Time Series/Calibration
    • The Jet/plume flow data plot not displaying correctly
    • TS plot save/load cell selection index issue
    • Calibration TS layout with window size issue
    • Save the layout of the current plot option disappeared
    • Added saving TS and calibration layout option
    • Calibration Stations labels layer issue
    • Inserting new rows in the Time Series Comparisons form issue
    • Flow issue in 2DV and TS
  • Vertical Profiles and Longitudinal Profiles
  • 2DH
    • Sediment Bed Delta display issue
    • UTM zone in grid form did not update the model linkage to 2DH background maps
    • Editing cells improvements
  • Propwash module
    • Deleting PW tracks issues.
    • Propwash sub-grid points do not start from the ship’s propeller location
    • Ship parameter batch assignment function not working correctly
    • Propwash sub-grid layer should display the vessel icon in the same way as the ship track layer displays
  • High-resolution screen issues
    • Symbols in the layer control and toolbar menu updated
    • Increasing axis title font led to overlap of textbox control
  • Others
    • Load and Save buttons in the Download Online Data for Open Boundaries were not working
    • Reading constant jet/plume inflows in EFDC C31 issue
    • Importing a grid and saving the model can cause a crash
    • Grid changing with time issue in 3D view
    • Update LPT in 3D view
    • Save/Load project layout issues
    • Not able to import harmonics file format (*.ee)
    • Importing wqpsl.inp issue
    • Import WQ mass loading data series
    • Save/load WQ data series

Release 11.6 Edge (230303)

March 2023

  • Updated GUI for high-resolution screens
  • Added a new option to show color ramp for values of bathymetry data files
  • Updated Jet/Plume boundary conditions frame
  • Updated Nutrient fraction RPEM GUI including all forms, controls, and messages
  • Added a QA check if the number of vertical layers at cells adjacent to open BC cells are not equal while opening the SGZ model thicknesses
  • Updated GUI layout for biota input form
  • Disabled max-height textbox when the threshold is not zero in the “Algae and Macrophyte Options” form.
  • Removed and clean up unused dependencies and references to reduce the setup package size.
  • Moved the EE settings file into the AppData directory.
  • Updated distance tool reporting.
  • Modules
    • Unable to disable the MHK module
    • Crash when activating the Water Quality module in some cases
    • View Boundary Group (Water Surface Elevation) issue
    • Updated to load legacy propwash models
    • Crash after changing SGZ option & number of layers
    • Erosion Rates option is selected correctly in SedZLJ form
    • The textboxes are not enabled if the “Compute Skin Frictions” and “Use Constant Bed Shear” are checked
    • Erosion Rate & Core Definition tabs did not updated after changing Erision Rates option
  • Initial Conditions
    • Bottom roughness option setup error
    • Sediment core data for initial bed condition issue
  • NetCDF
    • Crash when exporting LPT tracks to NetCDF file
    • Corrected NetCDF writing bed thickness, bed density, bed porosity, and bed toxics of the SedZLJ model.
  • Time Series
    • Incorrect time series plot for water level at open boundaries as used harmonic data series to calculate even if not assigned to the boundary
    • Crash when LMC viewing options in the groundwater series
  • Vertical Profiles and Longitudinal Profiles
    • EE does not save comment content to layout file
    • EE does not load all timing frames
    • Close model button keep going to the right side and disappears when pressing Home/End button.
    • Timing control position was not in the toolbar when using a layout.
  • 2DH
    • Contour issue in some models with is inconsistent grid cell order
    • The propeller wash subgrid is not aligned with the ship icon
    • The cell index is not updated when editing in the cell map.
    • Crash when using the “Show selected cells” option
    • Crash when loading a layout to compare models, but a model is not loaded.
    • Memory leak in TileLayer for Background Maps
    • Crash when trying to display the wind vector in the 2DH map.
    • Crash after adding “Graticule Layer”
    • “Edit cell” box sometimes disappear
    • Windrose does not show in the Timing frame.
  • Sediment Bed / Diagenesis times were incorrect if the output frequency was not the default value.
  • Importing groundwater issue.
  • Fixed reading C32 issue in EFDC GVC model.
  • Fixed Biota and Zooplankton crash issues when enabling WQ from scratch.
  • Fixed some issues for Save/Load EE Setings.
  • Revert data after clicking “Cancel” button in Water Quality form.
  • Fixed error in groundwater data importing.
  • EE version in efdc.inp incorrect.

Release 11.5.2 Edge (230105)

January 2023

  • Updated the Propwash Interface
  • Added version for SWAN executable file
  • Added QA check for input Atmospheric Pressure values in a range of 700 to 1200 mbar
  • Added QA check for input water temperature series from 0 to 100 (C Deg.)
  • Velocity rose did not plot from the selected cell
  • Missing SWAN executable file in the setup package
  • Did not get the station ID for the Ice map
  • Did not get time snapshots from the EE_SEDZLJ.OUT and EE_BED.OUT files when using output frequency ISBEXP
  • Could not view ice thickness and ice temperature from the Icemap.inp file for the external ice time series of the ice computational option
  • Could not use the Series Weighting button when selecting more than two Ice time series
  • The 2DH View Model Layer option did not immediately reflect the SEDZLJ hard bottom option
  • The vessel icon appeared at the start point of the ship track once the ship travel ended
  • The model did not write the water column output to the restart.out file when the selected output frequency option is -1 ( write file at the end of the run)

Release 11.5 Edge (221102)

November 2022

  • EE can now access ship info from the “EEMS Ship Database”
  • Improved the propeller wash module layout to make it more user-friendly
  • Updated the propeller wash HTML reports.
  • Added the capability to export the Habitat Module HSC maps to shapefiles.
  • Improved the presentation for the Sediment Bed parameter list in the “2DH View Option” form
  • Updated the Oil parameters, including group ID and the precision format for DRIFTERS.INP
  • Changed “High frequency” to “Entire Domain” in the “EFDC Model Linkages” form.
  • When a user set values in the “Contour Settings” form, it would reset after moving the time control or animation.
  • The initial condition RPEM values were not displayed correctly in the 2DH view after setting them for the “Spatially Varying” option in the “EFDC Rooted Plant And Epiphyte Algae Model” form.
  • Failed to use the Wind speed conversion factor when reading WSER.INP.
  • Column index not saved when importing the wind time series data.
  • When importing the wind time series data, the user defines the index of the column for wind speed and wind direction by clicking Multiple Column and then clicking the OK button. However, when clicking the Multiple Column button again, the fields that were chosen previously disappeared. EE now remembers the user selection until the user changes it.
  • In the “SEDZLJ Sediment and Sediment Bed Properties” form, after entering a value in the cell, the font size increased after pressing the Enter key.
  • Labels of River Mile (Creek Mile), sets the interval to 0.1 miles, but the label displayed too many decimal points.
  • The timing values in the “Simulation Timing Options” form changed unexpectedly
  • SEDSTART precision in BED.SDF and C37 of EFDC.INP was not consistent.
  • The PBIAS calculation in EE11.4 and earlier was incorrect. The calculation now compares every paired data value in the time series, instead of the overall average.

Release 11.4 Edge (220824)

August 2022

  • Time series contour now enabled for WQ parameters
  • Opening/Saving Models
    • Scale option in the Open model frame was not implemented
  • 2DH View
    • DO saturation issue
    • Copy cell did not display in 2DH
    • Extract avg TS from selected cells was incorrect
    • Paste (Ctrl+V) in time textbox control issue
  • 2DV View
    • Toolbar display issue
  • Time Series
    • Flow assignment for all time series did not work
    • Flow time series issue
  • Layout files
    • Save/load TS extraction setting issues
  • Analytics
    • DB connection handling required improvement
    • Mongo timeout issue, fixed by forcing tls1.2
  • Boundary Conditions – Jet/Plume
    • Withdrawal cell in card C28 of EFDC.INP file was not saved
    • Did not store the newly added boundary
    • Warning despite using Qser flows for Jet/Plume type
  • Model Control
    • Unclear definition of Total value for data series in report
    • High frequency snapshots were not being written for whole domain option

Release 11.3 Edge (220712)

July 2022

  • New options for partitioning for ChemFate
  • Added Wind Rose plot in 2DH View
  • Updates to EE to Export NetCDF UGRID from .OUT files
  • Fast settling – EE now post-processes sediment fast settling classes
  • Macrohydro options to display new macrophyte growth parameters
  • 2DH View
    • Calibration layer properties
    • Timing bar issue
    • View for AHO
    • Minimum value in legend when comparing models sometimes incorrect
    • Velocity plotting error
    • Issue exporting output to Shapefile issue due to too few significant figures
    • Wind station does not display in 2DH
    • Issue with turn on/off layers in the Layer Control
    • LPT export tracks issue and display
  • 2DV View
    • K layer displayed in 2DV is not correct
    • In 2DV view, velocity vectors do not properly align
  • Vertical profile
    • Import external data file feature does not work
    • Setting of ICs with Vertical Profile not behaving as expected
  • EE Project save/load
    • Save model from EE11.2 to EE8.5 version improvements
    • New Blank Plot failed to “Save Layout“ and “Export Image”
  • Layout files
    • Save layout including shapefile
    • Option to save layout while exporting image doesn’t work
  • Weighting of flow series not updating in display
  • Download open boundary conditions data error
  • Ice IC does not update in warm start file
  • View open boundary Group flow issue
  • Data precision of lat-long coordinate for wind and met stations
  • Vertical layer and Sigma Zed
    • SGZ uniform layering plotting options issue
    • Splitting layers
  • Sediment
    • Sediment bed output frequency issue
    • Sediment bed initialization files
    • EE not able to read sediment bed related time series after changing output interval
  • Propeller wash
    • Display active ship tracks and ship location at a time snapshot
    • List of Ships issues
    • Ship tracks not shown after split tracks
  • ChemFate
    • Kinetic & Loss Terms bug issue
    • Negative POC Bound Concentration
    • EE spatially varying chemfate partitioning
    • Cannot plot TS for CFT sediment bed contaminants if change freq of sediment bed layers
    • EE ChemFate porewater diffusion rate value, POC values, save model issue
    • Average of selected cells to create TS incorrect
  • WQ
    • Initial Condition form issue
    • EE mass loading – Model ID issue
    • Importing WQ data issue
    • EE calculate derived WQ mass loading issues
    • Output of the Chl-a
  • W/R constant time series issue
  • Model Analysis
    • Flux Transects missing parameters for flow and layer setting
    • Cruise plots for calibration
    • Cruise plot from 2DH
  • Habitat Analysis Tool issues

Release 11.2 Edge (220421)

April 2022

  • Added time steps for NetCDF output frequency
  • Updated average of cells for time series
  • Changed software name of EE to EFDC+ Explorer
  • Changed ChemFate to Contaminant in GUI
  • Updated sediment bed layer limitation
  • Added check box to turn on/off all parameters of ATM series
  • Updated units to tonnes in Mass Balance for WQ
  • Updated units to ug/l for toxic in groundwater data series
  • Groundwater series issue when change modules
  • Background Worker for Mass Loading
  • Conversion unit for BEDBDN reading
  • Crashed when converting object of level to float
  • Removed WQ parameter in GWSer
  • Missing edge inactive cell in cell.inp
  • Corrected reading evaporation factor in aser file
  • NetCDF issue: VSEL and Velocity not extracted if select each file separately
  • Viewing format number of rainfall and evaporation fator

Release 10.3.10 LTS (220405)

April 2022

  • Fixed Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
  • Updated Mass loading

Release 11.1 Edge (220405)

April 2022

  • Export current velocity to Tecplot and shapefiles
  • Reading/writing EFDC.INP for Jet/Plume WQ
  • Added exporting TS to data by range
  • Added Pan in 3D View
  • Updated load layout dialog for LP, VP
  • Renaming EFDC+ Modules for Sediment Transport and from Toxics to ChemFate
  • Removed unused Bulk Erosion Option
  • Include Deadweight Tonnage (MT) in Ship Info
  • BC reports to report the type of open boundaries
  • Added Export image button into the menu of 2DH and 3D
  • Re-read sediment input files when toggling On/Off sediment module
  • Unable to export NetCDF file
  • Toxic IC option issue
  • WQ point Source issue
  • Evaporation, rainfall and groundwater in mass balance
  • Rearranged residual flow options
  • Corrected mass loading conversion for ChemFate and WQ
  • Time Series for ChemFate WC By layer issue
  • Incorrect groundwater units
  • Grid Connection issues
  • Velocity vector shape file and plotting on the GIS map
  • Corrections to residual flow report
  • EE precision format issue in Flow Data Series
  • NetCDF issues with sigma variable in Sigma-Zed model
  • Smooth field in 3DView
  • 3D View save/load layout settings
  • 2DH scale bar issues
  • Updated HTBED2 conversion approach
  • Cruise line auto-generate plot

Release 10.3.9 LTS (220218)

February 2022

  • Added bedload for original sediment model for 2DH, Timeseries and Longitudinal profile plots.
  • API request error and device ID errors
  • RPEM & Sediment Diagenesis IC issues
  • Import WQ ICs with multiple layers
  • Crash in Sediment Uniform Bed form
  • Loading legacy EE7.0 model
  • LPT time history option issues
  • LPT viewing, Oil issues

Release 10.3.8 LTS (211117)

November 2021

  • Reading high-frequency output for biota updates
  • Rain and evaporation incorrectly placed in water column group
  • Reading and viewing for ice options 1 & 2
  • Not saving/reading ice thickness parameter with ice option 2
  • Not updating activated WQ params in external forcing data form
  • Export boundaries layer label
  • Extinction Coeff displays issue in 2DH and plot time series
  • Crash when working with label file
  • Display of Secchi Depth issue
  • Auto generate calibration plots graphic size
  • Crash when LMC to load Project Layout
  • Flux transect multiplier
  • Extinction Coefficient does not plot time series like EEMS8.5
  • Crash when editing sediment form
  • Number of time series does not update in wq_3dwc.jnp file

Release 10.3.7 (211021)

October 2021

  • Crash when setting initial condition for temperature
  • More updates for sediment fluxes
  • Added Secchi Depth in Time Series plots
  • Crash when enabling WQ module for test case model
  • Crash when adding WQ series
  • Tweaks in WQ BC cells in reading
  • Crash when changing benthic flux times
  • Times not correct due to reading WQBENFLX file
  • Crash reading and saving some old WQ model because the WQ IC is not corrected
  • Not save when new added WQ data series
  • Crash when increasing the toxic classes
  • Extract average TS from selected cells in 2DH
  • Form size issue when autogenerate calibration plot
  • Crash when loading project layout from the scratch
  • Coordinate file conversion, coordinate conversion
  • Convert Bottom Heat Exchange Coefficient HTBED2 (W/m2/s) to m/s

Release 10.3.6 (211015)

October 2021

  • Updated Bed Temperature missing for Warm start
  • Tweaks in loading layout with axis units
  • Added temporary WQ INP file creation for testing.
  • Added clear data seres before importing
  • Added time series conversion defaults after use to prevent applying the conversions multiple times.
  • Added tooltip for file type
  • Update to calibration layout plotting
  • Added QC check bypass for special cases
  • Save layout settings for 3DView
  • Update to dry density in the core definition tab
  • Added New blank plot should enable to load all kinds of defined layouts
  • Improved loading the list of recent models
  • Cleaned up the old demo methods
  • Updated Biota growth factors labels
  • Updated Filter ship speed for Propwash
  • Added more information to the overall statistics table
  • Update to markers
  • Updated text for growth factor in calibration
  • Add rescan output for calibration in “Save as model”
  • Spelling issues
  • Updated Load layout so always load the axes labels and series name when checking on the Load Data checkbox.
  • Tweaked the WQ algal group form.
  • Tweak in writing biota data series
  • Updated WQ data series report
  • Load layout for boundaries and scale bar
  • Add/Remove station in 2DH
  • Tweak marker drawing when axes min/max is nan
  • Crash when adding WQ module
  • Cannot extract avg TS from selected cells with layers loaded from 2DH layout
  • Number of Masks and F format automatically change
  • TSS time-series gives a different results
  • Read evaporation parameter in the water column
  • Read evaporation, rainfall in WC for 2DH, Timeseries
  • Writing WQ incorrectly issue in json
  • WQ series report issue
  • W3DWC.inp in C05,C06, and C07 reading models issue
  • Excluded biota none mobile data series
  • Biota convention when reading SD
  • Legacy ice approach 1 and 2 issues.
  • View ice output issue with Ice option 1 model
  • Changed RPEM input file approach for legacy files.
  • 2DH View Bed Mass Fraction Layer
  • SEDZLJ Option 3 core definition display
  • Create Uniform Bed IC process issue
  • Update thickness unit issue in the core definition tab
  • Add depth-averaged sediment bed mass fraction
  • Issue getting value format when reading aser.inp file
  • Flight path option not displaying in 3DView
  • Updated series title for layout in calibration tool
  • Demo Activation issue – After login, only shows “ok”
  • 2DH View the velocity magnitude and direction are not updating correctly
  • Crash after changing # Layers
  • Issue change value for just one marker even multi-selected markers
  • Script text in calibration menu items
  • Crash when viewing script font in menu items
  • Legend position when export graphic in TS
  • Loading invalid marker label positions
  • Remembering layout path associated the function, model
  • Crash when using Mass Flux Tool for WQ constituent
  • Crash issues for Mass Balance
  • TS Layout load title and external data
  • Add Save Data option when saving the layout of TS, LP, and VP then it will use for the blank plot to fix issue does not connect with the model result any more
  • Fixed issue axis title does not apply to change
  • Crash when RMC to edit Boundary Group in 2DH
  • Not saving groundwater time series in External Forcings Data

Release 10.3.5 (210826)

August 2021

  • Export images at specific resolutions for 2DH
  • SGZ layering distribution
  • Interpolation for temperature data series when update SGZ layer
  • Updated SGZ Redistribute Flow, Salinity, Temperature data series based on new layering
  • Added maximum absolute error MAE statistic
  • Updated getting value for sediment flux
  • Updated Biota growth factor: Limiting Nutrient: P or N
  • Removed QA check for the number of weighting maps
  • Improved approach for evaporation
  • Propwash with scale factor
  • Change number of series without hit enter
  • Added warning message when delete diagenesis zone
  • Block Shading WC with Layer
  • Text in statistical reports
  • Date time axis min max value issue
  • Charting tool- Legend Editing, tickmark
  • Update Warmstart for RPEM
  • Export bitmap for second screen
  • Added check for number of cells in open boundary group
  • Added checking cell duplicated in BS group when reading EFDC.INP
  • Adding a Biota Group crash issue
  • Convective Heat transfer value not saved after uncheck vary with wind speed option
  • Toxics IC for DOC & POC
  • Sigma Zed layer issue and added apply specified bottom layers by polygons
  • Bed Temperature timeseries
  • Patch for warm starts using old model output
  • Disable writing status loading cruise track in to work log form
  • Legend does not resize when add new biota density layer
  • EE longitudinal plot issues
  • Label at the tick is not saved
  • Use existing model extractions
  • Changing scale modifier effects ship track
  • SEDZLJ bedload vector shows too
  • QSER when convert Standard Sigma to SGZ Specified Bottom Layer
  • Set fix size for arrow header on the legend
  • Weighting for atmospheric TS
  • Reading wind function factor in C46C issue
  • Warm Start with Biota
  • Disable Time display on the legend
  • Ice option 1 option 2 corrections
  • Draw New Polyline issue
  • Layout for TS of BC External Data
  • Vector scale in BedLoad vector layer
  • 2DH View legend vector arrow head size
  • Legend invisible when reading layout file
  • Draw ship, track with EN scale factor issue
  • Reading cruise data in one cell issue
  • Export Bitmap with specific size for TimeSerie, Longitude Profiles, Vertical Profiles
  • Loading measured data issue
  • Load Existing Extracted data for station parameter is null
  • Legend invisible when reading layout file
  • Tweaks in viewing Biota 2DH
  • Crash when plot VP in calibration tool
  • EE read sediment bed output issue
  • Layout issue for correlation plots
  • Generating animation time is not consistent
  • Checkbox for load data was cut off
  • Linkages of 10 seconds output frequency issue
  • Load layout TS in menu item for calibration TS
  • Save and load layout setting of time series calibration
  • Issue in layout for flux tool TS
  • Plotting time step history in model has no output causes crash
  • WQ Initial Condition form issue
  • 3D View Value Clipping
  • Chart Axes label font setting
  • Setting Initial Conditions using Vertical Profile

Release 10.3.4 (210629)

June 2021

  • Load legacy version model
  • Extract average time-series of data
  • Automatically unchecks the “use” column when loading old models
  • Generate Radial Grid issue
  • Flip indices issue
  • Disable the rotation angle
  • Autofit by the content for grid view
  • Rating table issue
  • Boundary Mass Loading Tool
  • Crash when adding a new flow data series
  • Update mass loading
  • Open Boundary Forcing Approach issue
  • Check row index when double click on cell
  • IC for ice thickness not working
  • Weighting for Flow TS data edit
  • Flow weighting issue
  • Switch TWET options
  • ATM/Wind/Ice weighting issues
  • Crash when modify Temperature module
  • Tweak in GUI WQ
  • Insert rows and add blank row for boundary time series
  • Reading the legacy WQ output model
  • Reading C44 of WQ3DWC.inp issue
  • Saving wqalgsr01.inp, wqcsrXX.inp input file
  • Timing Frame issue
  • Parsing number issue
  • Propwash animation issue
  • Biota legend in 2DH issue
  • Tweaks in WQ biota in viewing options
  • Tweaks in auto-generate statistic form
  • Tab keystroke, Lat/Long and X/Y precision issue
  • Updates for precision issue
  • Label Alignment
  • Propwash output display
  • Update 2DH Background
  • Win10 Home China font issues
  • Update rotation of 3D object
  • Incorrect loading and colors for DAE 3D object

Release 10.3.3 (210611)

June 2021

  • Time-series data format
  • Added new 3D Block View Option
  • 3D Clipping/Blanking
  • Changed Demo Version to Demo Mode
  • Format for the time in the ship track point info
  • Added missing buttons action in Temperature input setting form
  • Tweaks to the bed heat exchange and bed temperature settings
  • Incorrect reading/writing with TEMB.INP and TEMPB.INP files
  • Relative humidity conversion issue
  • Missing the first ship in propwash Get Online Info
  • Name of ASER.INP file did not change in the form
  • Layout Control naming issues
  • 2DH does not display the correct value of bed heat
  • Missing the first timestep in Flux Tool timeseries
  • Crash when inputting hydraulic lookup table time series, high-frequency dates, input string for grid generation
  • Module control bug for SEDZLJ
  • Propwash imported with high-resolution AIS data with seconds but cannot have split tracks
  • Generate Uniform Grid by a polygon with a rotation angle
  • Invalid time step for SWAN input setting
  • Factor to modify Phosphorus to Carbon ratio
  • Missing the last row in WAVECELL.INP when saving model
  • Incorrect non-cohesive class name in the display

Release 10.3.2 (210525)

May 2021

  • WQ report format
  • Propwash model report format
  • Ability to save WQ models from EEMS10.3 to EEMS8.5 format and GVC
  • PROPWASH_TRACKS.JNP and track line formatting
  • Conversion of TWET to humidity for ASER file
  • Added skip labels in cell map.
  • Updated Model Analysis
  • WQ series interpolate for all constituents when add new rows and duplicate value for all of constituents if insert value at end of time.
  • Conversion of WQ mass loading to concentration series
  • WQ IC’s issue, WQ data series issue
  • Reading WQALGG.INP and updating the legacy model biota ICs
  • Updated checking the ISWASP variable in C05 when writing EFDC.INP
  • Carbon to phosphorus ratio (WQAPCM) with WQ_BIOTA file issue
  • WQ reaeration parameters and zones
  • Reading WQBENFLX.INP file
  • Reaeration type in WQ zone
  • TS Comparisons parameter for multiple dyes
  • Chinese and Korean fonts in folder paths
  • Changing the number of cells when generating a uniform grid.
  • Boundary label editing issue
  • Set elevation for the background image not working in 3D.
  • Current page of the vertical profile was not matching.
  • EE crash when view vertical profile plot in Model Analysis.
  • Ensure the layouts files and folders direct to the current model by default.
  • Hangs when importing large wind file.
  • Error Statistics report issue
  • Symbols and background image in 3D disappears after changing style.
  • Incorrect orientation of the grid in the cell map when adding cells.
  • Class setting frame disappears after selecting some dye classes issue.
  • Updated grid layer when model grid is changed
  • Saving the options show ship in propwash mesh issue
  • Incorrect position of ship in propwash mesh issue
  • Timing frame and fame control icon seem to be hidden in 3DV
  • Crashed when changing number of layers in some cases.
  • Part of the model domain disappears when zooming in 3D
  • Uniform Grid Generation issue
  • Adding cells in Cell Map issue
  • Crash after assigning IC temperature
  • Watermark for demo license

Release 10.3.1 (210415)

April 2021

  • Sediment diagenesis parameter codes in calibration tool
  • GUI alignment and fonts
  • Changed file name WQWCRST to WQ_WCRST
  • Shellfish farm report
  • Conversion of point source and mass loading
  • Set control for demo license
  • Reaeration options
  • Added hide mesh points outside of grid domain option
  • Added algae and zooplankton IC in the report for WQ IC
  • Auth0 for demo license and analytics
  • Line Statistics issue
  • Algae data series changes when deleting algal groups
  • Kinetic option ISWQLVL>1 when use model selection EFDC+ and WQ C30 CONCENTRATION TIME SERIES DATA issue
  • Reading WQ3DWC.JNP issue
  • WQ point source issue
  • C46 header format from EEMS8.5, and writing EFDC.INP for 8.5
  • Updated precision time of propwash track points to seconds
  • Clear current track data before importing
  • Compute optimal solar radiation issue
  • Crash when deactivating parameters
  • Not displaying labels in 3D View correctly
  • Issues with vertical profiles
  • Editing time-varying concentration time series
  • Editing shellfish harvest
  • Grouping hydraulic structures BC issue C32 in EFDC.INP legacy models
  • Crash when assigning temperature IC
  • IRELH=0 for using TWET in ASER
  • Flow boundary group when saving a model
  • Missing algae series
  • Sediment bed IC issue
  • Add/remove BC cell impacting concentration settings
  • Export LPT layer
  • Editing layer in 2DH View
  • Markers and labels issues
  • Initial options for animation and speed issue in vertical and longitudinal profiles
  • Autoscale with view issue
  • WSEL Range displaying incorrect values
  • Text changed with different screen resolution and Chinese Windows

Release 10.3 (210315)

March 2021

  • Online background maps
  • Propeller wash GUI
  • Major update to the biota interface (WQ GUI) to support unlimited macrophyte/periphyton and zooplankton groups
  • Improved wind wave GUI and user options

Release 10.2.4 (210205)

February 2021

  • Constant concentration GUI when setting constant flows for WQ
  • Saving the series name in Boundaries Data Series form for WQ
  • Saving the model when turn on/off the WQ module
  • Issues related to hydraulic structure GUI
  • Hydraulic structure rules and triggers
  • Dye precision issue
  • Moving control points in Generate Uniform Grid
  • Uniform bed IC creation process for original EFDC sediment model
  • Model nesting issue for temperature
  • Rule assignment for all BC cells
  • Cannot assign polygon for WQ kinetic zones (will be fixed in EEMS10.3)
  • Fetch not correctly calculated when using multiple domains for Internal Wind-waves module (will be fixed in EEMS10.3)

Release 10.2.3 (201231)

December 2020

  • Added Marine hydrokinetics to EE GUI
  • Updated reading file DSM format data
  • Removed unused options for Vegetation
  • Update Coordinate Tranformations
  • Tweaks to 2DV labeling, corrected some text.
  • Axis units conversion issue
  • Vegetation assignment via polygons issue
  • Boundary condition issue and bad listing
  • Window run does not show correctly which WQ parameter user selected
  • Issue with viewing IC in 2DV, longitudinal profile and vertical profiles.
  • License expiring issue
  • Shellfish farm issues
  • Label alignment issue
  • Sediment parameters don’t save
  • Issue loading Geo file
  • Ground water issue
  • Reading W/R model incorrect
  • Crash without saving before running EFDC
  • Crash when activating sediment and toxics modules
  • Crash when checking Volume Statistics
  • Saving name of Boundary Data Series form 
  • Issue with some models where WQ model not saved correctly first time.  
  • Issue with grid generation form and rotation of grids

Release 10.2.2 (201014)

October 2020

  • Updated SEDZLJ interface
  • Typo in color ramp for 2DV and Diagenesis
  • Correction for wetting and drying option
  • Hide interpolation options of SWAN
  • Generate wind_file.inp issue
  • Cannot assign constant value for temperature initial condition
  • External forcing data series name issue
  • Deactivate temperature module but the ice module is still activated
  • Changing Surface Heat Exchange Sub-model when enable the WQ module and click Details
  • Increasing decimal in qser.inp after closing
  • Hydraulic structure issue: structure type automatically changed to Broad Crested Weir
  • Fixed data grid view read only cell for WQ time series
  • Import WQ series issue
  • Structure type different between Hydraulic Structure form and HTML report
  • WQ reaeration options save to file issue
  • Algal dynamics not updating after modifying the parameters
  • Changing algal light extinction when reset IC temperature
  • New shellfish farm model issue
  • The top two layers of sediment model should be zero when initialized
  • Automatically unchecks vertical diffusion for the cohesives
  • Not saving to file after changing the value of toxic in a cell then saving model
  • Issue adding columns in calibration tool
  • Assigning vegetation class issue
  • Crash when adding new flow time series
  • Crash when creating new folder with special characters
  • Crash when adding connectors
  • Crash when try to display RPEM in 2DH
  • Crash when selecting Varying IC’s in WQ module
  • Crash when downloading online water elevation data for open boundary
  • Crash when using Restart Option
  • Crash when select View Group boundary condition
  • Crash when importing data series file
  • Cannot RMC after selecting cells inside polygon
  • Load layout model for the active model
  • Auto generate plots and statistics at end of run not working
  • EE cannot load the location .sel file if using a different folder

Release 10.2.1 (200622)

June 2020

  • Improved mass balance tools
  • Improved time for deleting all the data in the series
  • New Cell Map Options with Color Ramp
  • Added new viewing options for Cell Map
  • Improved shortcut keys for TS plots
  • Extracting WQ output
  • Added RMC to copy folder name to clipboard
  • Water Quality Limits for greens due to solar radiation needing be updated by time
  • Renew license issue
  • Fixed Toxics Bed issue
  • Computing the mass loadings when using “wqpslc.inp” for old models
  • W/R series change when activate WQ module
  • Text overlaid on box
  • Change the number of shellfish species
  • Crash when using tidal level for model boundary tool
  • Crash when view MPI domain in Cell Map
  • Crash when pressing Shift ] combination in time series plot
  • Correlation plots layout issue
  • Time format for SWAN
  • Shellfish Excretion Factor in EE
  • Crash when checking TS without output
  • Crash when adding wave parameter into 2DV

Release 10.2 (200526)

May 2020

New Features

  • Added MPI – full parallel processing with EFDC+ one a single machine or on a cluster.
  • Added Shellfish Farm module
  • Added SEDZLJ Sediment and Toxics Modeling
  • Added New Options for Display of Toxics in the Sediment Bed
  • Added Box and Whisker Plots
  • Enhanced Vector Visualization

Release 10.1.5 (200421)

April 2020

  • Improved viewing symbol size
  • Tweaks for adding layers in time series and longitudinal profiles
  • Cell Map now more flexible
  • Refresh input setting into menu items in model controls and 2DH viewing options
  • Updated toxics (dissolved and DOC) for mass balance tool
  • Crash when automatically generating calibration plots
  • qctl.inp issue
  • Precision for data series
  • WQ restart issue
  • Flux comparison
  • Writing C33 issue
  • Flux comparison tool issue
  • LPT out of bound array issue
  • Grid displayed improperly in 3D View
  • Restarting runs, labeling and sedbed_hot filter
  • View time series with class options issue
  • Show TS BC Group issue
  • Get model path issue
  • Loading model result when changing page in calibration
  • Model Analysis: Error statistics not showing data pairs
  • Ground water issue of multiplier adjustment factor for flow and zone assignment

Release 10.1.4 (200316)

March 2020

  • Toxic Bed IC with sediment bed hard bottom option
  • Toxic IC in Toxic input form
  • Toxic Bed units conversion in IC assignment for all classes
  • Added Box-Whisker Plot
  • Writing weighting format issue
  • Sentry release date issue
  • Toxic WC bottom layer option issue
  • Viewing Harmonics time series
  • Reading Data files in calibration time series
  • Time series of high Frequency output
  • Remove IC option groupbox in Global Toxic tab
  • NetCDF LPT for case missing NPD in Card 67
  • Wind parameter issue
  • Nesting feature display wrong notification
  • Toxic bed initialization & reporting
  • Viewing Toxic Bed when Output Bed is not ready
  • Toxics Input setting

Release 10.1.3 (200227)

February 2020

  • Added settings for Boundary Labels
  • Upgrade to .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Added Sentry exception tracker
  • Export NetCDF for Sediment Bed, Toxics, Wind, LPT, SedZLJ…
  • Minor/major of tick axis when change units
  • Calibration TS
  • GVC issues
  • NetCDF D50
  • VP Plots
  • EPA Model Loading
  • Shift + Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow in panning with rotation angle
  • Selecting cells inside polygon issue
  • Nesting issues
  • Crash when generating animation
  • Flux tool issue
  • Time series html report
  • Writing weighting format issue
  • Time series for high frequency output
  • Overall statistics for toxic classes
  • Importing dye series issue

Release 10.1.2 (200131)

January 2020

  • Calibration & Error Statistics issue
  • Importing dye series issue
  • Reading BELV Output issue
  • Wrong Time Toolbar when clicking on the Refresh Model Output button
  • Equilibrium Concentration option
  • Spelling issues
  • Read/write WQSDMAP.INP issues

Release 10.1.1 (191217)

December 2019

  • Hydraulic Structure boundary issue
  • Hydraulic Structure TS Control
  • Rating curve issue
  • Writing layout for TS file issue
  • VP comparison issue
  • Fixed crashed issue when change Sedzlj layer
  • Layer opacity in 3D View
  • Auto-generate plots when running model
  • Oil background in 3D and other 3D items
  • Issue when switching between 2DH and 3D Views
  • Load and save settings for ADCP layers and velocity location file
  • Added FOC (fraction of organic cacbon) in WC and BED
  • Improving speed of calibration extraction
  • Naming of options (AHO, AHD etc) made consistent
  • Updates for calibration tools to load existing data

Release 10.1 (191112)

November 2019

New Features

  • Added Cell face blocking
  • Added atmospheric deposition of toxics
  • Fully implemented Time Varying Fields
  • Added 3D so equivalent to EE8.5
  • Implemented Fish Habitat
  • Adding/Removing Grid Cells: N-S & E-W Connectors
  • Added ability to interpolate IC from BCs for Salinity and Temperature
  • Updated precision of DX/DY & LX/LY
  • Auto generate plots and statistics at end of run
  • Added GVC Option, add context menu for Data Grid Time Series
  • Added Time Series Statistics
  • Updated Time Aggregation
  • Updated Spline Editing
  • Updated ADCP Layer
  • Updated Model Nesting
  • Updated Mass Balance
  • Updated Time Tolerance
  • Updated Mass Balance
  • Updated calibration tools
  • Convert multiple fields files
  • Fixed vertical profile issues
  • Fixed LPT 2DH issues

Release 10.0.1 (190812)

August 2019

  • A number of bug fixes to the Beta version.

Release 10.0.0 (190522 Beta)

May 2019

New Features

  • Re-wrote EE in the latest .Net framework, mostly in C#. We anticipate this more modern tool has the prospect of decades of future development and maintenance. The old EE (all versions before 10.0) were written in VB6, which is no longer well supported by Microsoft.
  • Changed to a completely different user interface that is flexible and powerful to accommodate the existing EFDC+ capabilities, but can be readily updated for all of the upcoming changes to EFDC+
  • Added a Model Control window to create, edit, report and/or view EFDC+ models
  • Added a model results harmonic analysis tool
  • Added the ability to load multiple models simultaneously with temporally linked 2D views and animations
  • Added the ability to view multiple time series and 2D plots simultaneously
  • Added true layer controls to the 2D plan view to enable viewing multiple constituents, labels, background imagery, data, and much more
  • Added a robust set of model cell selection and editing tools
  • Added HTML-based user run logs
  • Added HTML-based complete model run summaries by feature/module or for the entire model
  • Provided links to web-based data sources for water levels/harmonics
  • Added a geo-referencing tool that allows for image rotation and distortion control
  • Added an EE-assisted model nesting tool (in development)
  • Provided the ability to save and restore model(s) layouts for windows and windows setting
  • And many more enhancements and features.

Release 8.5.0 (190522)

May 2019

  • Interpolation of D50
  • SEDZLJ ICs incorrectly updating
  • ASCII Exports from Vertical Profile Plots converted temperature to Calendar data
  • Scanning output issue

Release 8.4.4 (181128)

November 2018

Minor New Features

  • Improved SWAN options when using a grid other than the EFDC mode grid
  • Improved 3D viewing for Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LPT) drifters
  • Improved the automated connection for E-W and N-S connectors to choose the lowest bathymetry
  • NetCDF export option fixed
  • ViewPlan viewing particles by groups within a specific depth range

Release 8.4.3 (180723)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • Updated the line styles for calibration plots
  • Improved water quality point source loading logic
  • Updated composite statistics to include toxics
  • Issues related to sediment core display and editing
  • Crash with unknown harmonics entry
  • Crash when adding or deleting hydraulic structure cells from a g BC group

Release 8.4.2 (180710)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • o Added the ability for 3D Collada files to change with time while animating
  • WQ Limit values and Sediment Diagenesis SOD display
  • Habitat issue when working with Channel Index
  • High frequency and correlation plot issue
  • Model Analysis – Tecplot file import issue; compare model with ADCP file

Release 8.4.1 (180524)

May 2018

  • Incorrect QC for ASER and WSER when checking BCs
  • Improved display of mass balance
  • Issues when comparing models
  • Polyline editor and panning issue
  • Habitat timing on x-axis
  • Habitat legend display
  • Table in Time-variable hydraulic structures not saved
  • Name in the Control-rule hydraulic structure not saved
  • English Units, temperature not change from 0 C to 0 F

Release 8.4 (180510)

May 2018

Major New Features

  • Added habitat analysis with critical limits time series
  • Added Habitat Suitability Criteria (HSC) analysis with Instream Flow Incremental Method (IFIM)
  • Added time variable and rule-based control of sluice gates
  • Added rule-based control of the withdrawal/return boundary

Minor New Features

  • Improved the structure for EFDC+ output files for increased reading speed and logic.
  • Added spatially variable AHD and AHO
  • Added a momentum option for the flow boundary type
  • Linked groundwater to mass balance
  • Specified elevation – Free tangential open boundary condition
  • Added a whole channel rating curve option
  • Improved calibration tools for statistics, plotting formats, and sub-periods
  • Added the ability to edit and save KML files in EE
  • Added features for saved plots
  • TP and TN were not being displayed in boundary condition time series
  • Spatially varying RPEM not updating correctly.

Release 8.3.2 (180313)

March 2018

  • Misspelling in the code that alerted virus checkers
  • Incorrect reading sediment output files when changing sediment linkage frequency
  • Issue with lat/long being reset after saving new model
  • Crash when RMC on X-Axis of time series comparisons
  • Model path issue when changing default notepad
  • Issue with long model path being truncated
  • Error generating image file when “Automatically Generate Defined Plots” for Cruise Plots
  • Not able export data automatically from correlation plots
  • Error statistics issue for correlation plots
  • Process to ordering XData in series data
  • Wave values not saving to file
  • Ability to compare models that use different active modules

Release 8.3.1 (180104)

January 2018

  • Sediment model with SWAN issue
  • ViewProfile – sediment bed exaggeration  
  • View3D – water column display and 3D clipping by value
  • Define layer for high frequency snapshots time series
  • ViewPlan- Stop Extraction (day) when using Wave Parameters option
  • Wave model display (Sediment parameter + Steady Wave option)  
  • Numbering displayed in wind map weighting not clear
  • EFDC Input Tides issue, and import harconst.ee file             
  • Time series – set angle to Y axis and default line formatting
  • Atmospheric shading issue

Release 8.3.0 (171009)

October 2017

Major New Features

  • Conserved mass balance in the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added toxics capability to the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Added Volatilization and Biodegradation to toxics
  • Enhanced the Sigma-Zed sub-model to support one vertical layer
  • Modified the Sigma-Zed sub-model linkage files to exclude unused vertical layers

Minor New Features

  • Rooted Plant and Epiphyte sub-model initialization
  • Updated continuation runs for enhanced Sigma-Zed and SEDZLJ models
  • Updated the Saved Plots feature
  • Added new boundary condition options for SWAN Input Settings
  • Added the ability to extract vertical profiles of water column data in the EE format needed to use profiles for setting IC’s
  • Added a Vertical Profile display option
  • Added tool for smooth open boundary conditions
  • Updated the jet plume interface
  • Updated the GUI for toxics including a new option to set initial conditions for DOC and POC
  • Added growth factor for Dynamic Time Stepping
  • Added the ability to set bottom layer for SGZ in ViewPlan edit at the bottom of the form
  • Added a reset uniform layers function for Sigma-Zed
  • COD decay rate consistent across forms
  • RPEM output and linkage issues

Release 8.2.5 (170704)

July 2017

  • Crash when load too many points from ViewPlan into velocity time series
  • Crash when delete lines in Line Control Options for velocity time series

Release 8.2.4 (170703)

July 2017

Updates and Modifications

  • Added an EE “Export SWAN” option to export the boundary conditions for running SWAN
  • Minor issues with jet/plume BC interface which flagged the W/R series as bad (ICAL=2)
  • W/R BC editing form resetting the table back to “None”.
  • Harmonic BC crash in editor

Release 8.2.3 (170627)

June 2017

  • SWAN invalid file path
  • Jetplume interface crash
  • RGFgrid export causing slight distortion
  • Line format when importing time series data
  • Bottom elevation legend display in bounday conditions viewing option in ViewPlan
  • Input for harmonic tides issue
  • NetCDF writing VELY & VELZ issue
  • Wave data initialization when double click icon

Release 8.2.2

February 2017

Updates and Modifications

  • Revised SGZ cell face metrics to better handle fluctuating WLs (EFDC+)
  • Updated SEDZLJ for erosion/deposition and bedload to correct mass balance (EFDC+)
    • Removed MORPHJ
    • Note that this requires a change to the EFDC.INP file so all models need to be saved before running for this release.
  • Made layer controls hidden after selecting the top layer of sediment
  • Added a check for viewing when water depth has not been initialized
  • Updated license features
  • ViewPlan – Show/Hide Legend
  • ViewPlan – Velocity time series crash
  • View3D – waves, toxics, water surface, WQ and legend display issues
  • Vertical profile plot display issue
  • Load marker issue for time series plots
  • Only check wind timing if nWser>1
  • Open BC vertical velocities bug (EFDC+)
  • Changed calheat to treat dry cells (EFDC+)
  • Bug fixed for WNDWHT and rearranged indices (EFDC+)
  • Hydraulic structure issue (EFDC+)
  • Bug when ISTOPT(2) =0 (EFDC+)
  • Changed the the order of the variables reading from C1A (EFDC+)

Release 8.2.1

January 2017

  • WQ variable initialization issue when turn on WQ module
  • Not save correct WQ BC grouping when opening from VEFDC model
  • Crash EE when view multiple velocity TS from ViewPlan
  • Time series calibration settings not saved
  • WQ light extinction values not being updated when modified in another form
  • EE could not browse to the root directory level
  • Scrambled model path when double click EE icon from model folder
  • NS-EW connection issue
  • Issue reading toxics file DOCW.INP

Release 8.2.0

November 2016

Major New Features

  • Added a SEDZLJ Sediment Sub-model in EE
  • Added a Marine & Hydrokinetics Sub-model in EE
  • Added netCDF Output from EFDC+
  • Added Atmospheric Pressure Impacts on Hydrodynamics
  • Added a new Temperature Sub-Model Heat Balance option

Minor New Features

  • Made station weighting improvements for Wind/Ice/Atmospheric data files
  • Modified the Drifter Count Tool to allow count drifters in a user-specified area
  • Improved the temperature sub-model user interface
  • Improved 3D display options
  • Simplified numerical options
  • Added vertical profile plots for presentation in Vertical Profile Tool
  • Added the ability to correctly load VEFDC models

Updates and Modifications

  • Made a major update to View3D color ramps using array for viewing options
  • Added a new Open Boundary Condition (BC) feature to flatten bathymetry adjacent to BC group cells
  • Improved View3D georeferenced background images
  • Modified UTM Zone and Model Centroid defaults and functionality
  • Modified the method and autoscale for orthogonal deviation
  • Added a warning that vertical profiles plots require 3 or more points
  • Added and alert if the start of the simulation period is missing
  • Added the ability to export oil values to the KML file in the LPT viewing option
  • Added a shortcut key for the license manager (F3)
  • Cruise plots display in SGZ
  • Viewing series data with comparison model
  • Issue of reporting bug when a bad project is found
  • Issue of deleting first line in wind series then deleting other series
  • Could not save anemometer height when switching wind series
  • Longitudinal profile tool to plot ice thickness
  • Time series calibration for ice issue
  • ATM series selection, TWet was not saved
  • EE display on task manager of Windows 10
  • Fixed WaveAngle, added WaveLength for Internal Waves
  • Legend disappearing
  • Read wrong time from SWAN model
  • View3D display of magnitude and legend when animating
  • Display 3D grid when clipping by value
  • Crash when using statistics tool
  • Issue when getting values on ViewPlan Water by Depth Option
  • Critical Habitat legend issue
  • Correct wrong assignment for solar radiation
  • Enable cell edit in ViewPlan Water by layer option
  • Updates to Critical habitat to work with WQ and water depth
  • Reading calibration file with empty lines
  • Issues with KC and KB when using in pointer calculations (converted to Long)

Release 8.1.3

September 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Enabled a cell edit function for water by layer
  • Added the ability for Vertical Profile Plots to allow width/height changes to the form with Ctrl+W
  • Updated the name of View3D Viewing Options for color ramps
  • Updated the #output location (EFDC+)
  • Timing frame location in Trial Version
  • Critical Habitat legend issue in ViewPlan
  • View3D WC display for Sigma Zed
  • Corrected wrong assignment for Solar Radiation
  • Issues with KC and KB when using in pointer calculations
  • Fixed TFAST/TSLOW bug for Full Heat Balance (EFDCPlus)
  • Lagrangian Partical tracking issues in Sigma Zed (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.2

August 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Updated dongle licensing
  • Cleaned and formatted the activation log
  • Improved the ability to clearly apply Z for View3D
  • Updated LPT tools:
    • Added more Quality Control for particle generation
    • Updated some messages and tool tips
    • Made “DrifterView = 3” the default
    • Added an exporting function for SHP and KML
    • Change View3D for oil and ice color setting effect to follow the primary, secondary, tertiary color ramp settings
  • Moved the banner setting to general 3D options
  • Updated Save Plot for Velocity Map
  • Made a minor modification to the local SegElev array in View3D to make more consistent


  • Full deactivation and reinstallation are required if updating from 8.1.0 or earlier
  • There is a known bug with a scrambled model path in some machines when double clicking the EFDC.EE icon to open
  • Crash if update UTM location
  • Bed temperature flags when editing variable T and Thermal Thickness
  • Bug with loading WQ benthic maps when IC*JC > Integer short
  • Changed the DryLoss summary (EFDCPlus)
  • Drifter going through hydraulic structure BCs (EFDCPlus)
  • Fixed LPT in View3D when displaying with color elevation option

Release 8.1.1

August 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Fixed particles to the bed after the deposition option (EFDC+)
  • Allowed particles to not move with water depth (EFDC+)
  • Improved the writing of the QSER file for SGZ models
  • Updated wrapper for proxy
  • Added a contour ratio option
  • Added a timing toggle for the timing of LPT distribute drifters


  • Full deactivation and reinstallation are required when updating to this version.
  • Toxics precision issue
  • Particle color/legend issue
  • Apply all cells in BC Flow group issue.
  • BC popup displays many times/EE crashes when show BC
  • Show contour legend
  • Legend automatic zoom in when turning on contours
  • Contour line formating issues
  • ViewPlan: legend with All Layers & Bottom Layer options
  • View3D legend number format issue,
  • View3D particles issues
  • View3D inquire function
  • Updates to dongle message
  • Import CVL grid(s) bugs
  • CH3D grid import problem, generate grid problem, crash problem when load some EE7_2 model
  • Import Delft Grid bug
  • A problem with volume versus area weighting for water column
  • Bug with trying to set range for the wrong SedShow option
  • Minor ViewPlan inset updates
  • Velocity anchor, legend when rotate the model
  • Bug with time series plots of bed temperature and surface water temperature
  • Issue with editing bottom layer for SGZ models
  • Issue with displaying algal limiting factors for SGZ models when K < KL
  • Update for atmospheric option
  • Fixed velocities when compare models
  • Updated the save/load setting for ViewProfile
  • Load/save layout setting on vertical profile issue
  • Fixed NetCDF export from EE
  • Update I,J for NetCDF
  • Add a check to deal with crash when set bottom for larger .bil file
  • Issues with wet/dry
  • Fixed HDMF to all cells
  • 3TL issues (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.0

July 2016 

New Features

  • Added offline/dongle activation
  • Added a SEDZLJ input display
  • Added a time series cell list feature
  • Simplified line formatting in time series plotting
  • Added the ability to automatically change the zone of wind stations
  • netCDF export from EE when cell buffer less than 3.
  • View3D generate DEM issues
  • View3D viewer auto ramp feature
  • View3D Velocity banner scale
  • View3D display of masks issue
  • Did not use shape file to set vegetation class correctly
  • Autoscale with view feature did not work well
  • Legend text when plotting time series
  • Velocity vector display incorrect in some cases
  • Gradient fill feature did not work when showing oil
  • Export metafile after resizing frame
  • Longitudinal profiles plots feature issue in some cases
  • ViewProfile: show plan view not working
  • Contouring color ramp not assigned for the legend (ViewPlan)
  • Polygon editor crash
  • Model rotation interfered with other functions in ViewPlan
  • Contour color ramp was not assigned to the legend

Release 8.0.3

June 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Major updates to ViewPlan and View3D layout saving and loading
  • Timing frames save and load more consistently
  • Description for Weighting Map
  • Updated EFDC_BC to work better for selecting and deleting BC groups
  • Added better QSER treatment with Sigma Zed
  • Shortcut to delete the license file in special cases
  • Get color ramp types
  • Line editing updates (iSelectLine)
  • Longitudinal profile not updating for toxics/sediments and with multiple layers
  • QSER.INP writing when KC=1
  • ViewPlan zooming and rotating issues (display angle <> 0)
    • Rotation with rotated labels
  • Crash when edit blank annotation labels
  • Wave initialization message when run model
  • Velocity legend when all layers selected
  • Generate model options blacked on Windows XP
  • Load GVC model issue for one case
  • Ice model crash for one case
  • “Use Raw Data” option for ADCP Vector Plots
  • Wind timing frame when view time series
  • Wind timing with rotation and animation
  • Layout setting on FixedParams in ViewPlan
  • Timing frame XY plotting to eliminate the old TSTEP approach
  • ViewProfile vector display bug
  • Default font color issue
  • Timing issue (Go time)
  • Fix contour when viewing “% Irradiance Water”
  • Corrected Residual/Mean mass transport options
  • Update ContourSetRamp when loading/saving views and for MMT/Residuals
    • Fixed Contour Plot key issue, legend
  • Velocity vector jumps outside frame when animating
  • Several issues with the polyline editing tools in ViewPlan
  • View3D georeferencing, button/menu behaviors
  • Residual plot when change timing(scrlTime) while Residual turn on
  • ViewPlan, Velocity All Layers legend display issue
  • Particle tracking position issue
  • Loading velocity with high frequency when depth averaged
  • EE_SEZIJ.OUT and bugs from Yong Bok model (EFDC+)
  • Bug in SETBCS that caused the velocities to be reported as 0 (EFDC+)
  • Reverted to Jacobian matrix to 073_OMP code (EFDC+)

Release 8.0.2

May 2016

  • Issue with velocity not being output for some models

Release 8.0.1

April 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Made licensing and activation updates
  • Modified the loading of 3D GeoDEM surface file
  • Modified loading and display of 3D structures (COLLADA) and added materials and effects
  • Loading comparsion model issues, load data file for calibration
  • Added Internal Arrays to the ViewProfile
  • Corrected correlation plot issue
  • Added wave default values to the EFDC.MDB initialization process
  • Corrected wave variable issues and display in ViewPlan
  • Added tooltips for AHO option
  • Timeseries Comparison Plots issue
  • Loading EE_BC output
  • Issue with time series plotting for multiple series
  • Crash when open timing frame in View3D
  • Removed duplicated calling of Rebuild3D function
  • Greek Symbols issue in BC’s and set focus bug
  • Fixed some minor issues with Overlays
  • Corrected caltoxb.f90 issue
  • Updated wet/dry issues with HKP/H1PK (EFDC)
  • Updated caltran.f90 for the anti-diffusion (nuanced) approach
  • Fixed some windwave issues when using SGZ (EFDC)
  • Added LLAD/LKAD variables (EFDC)
  • Removed vegetation from open BC cells (EFDC)

Release 8.0.0

March 2016

New Features

  • Integrated the Sigma Zed EFDC Model into EFDC+
  • Made the OMP Model part of EFDC+
  • Enhanced hydraulic structures, including culverts and bridges (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • Added East-West connectors (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • Enhanced the map file (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • Added spatially variable background diffusivity (AHO)
  • Added Rooted Plant and Epiphyte Model (RPEM) in calibration plots
  • Added import and display COLLADA structures in View3D
  • Added time series plots for boundary conditions
  • Improved drifters visualization for a large number of drifters
  • Added the ability to use pointers for water surface elevations (WSEL) to display larger models
  • Made licensing changes

For earlier releases, download the full change log: 2017_07_14 Updates to EE-EFDC (EE3 to EE8.2) (3577 downloads )

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