What's New in EFDC_Explorer

Release 10.2.1 (200622)

June 2020

  • Improved mass balance tools
  • Improved time for deleting all the data in the series
  • New Cell Map Options with Color Ramp
  • Added new viewing options for Cell Map
  • Improved shortcut keys for TS plots
  • Extracting WQ output
  • Added RMC to copy folder name to clipboard
  • Water Quality Limits for greens due to solar radiation needing be updated by time
  • Renew license issue
  • Fixed Toxics Bed issue
  • Computing the mass loadings when using “wqpslc.inp” for old models
  • W/R series change when activate WQ module
  • Text overlaid on box
  • Change the number of shellfish species
  • Crash when using tidal level for model boundary tool
  • Crash when view MPI domain in Cell Map
  • Crash when pressing Shift ] combination in time series plot
  • Correlation plots layout issue
  • Time format for SWAN
  • Shellfish Excretion Factor in EE
  • Crash when checking TS without output
  • Crash when adding wave parameter into 2DV

Release 10.2 (200526)

May 2020

New Features

  • MPI – full parallel processing with EFDC+ one a single machine or on a cluster.
  • Shellfish Farm module
  • SEDZLJ Sediment and Toxics Modeling
  • New Options for Display of Toxics in the Sediment Bed
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Vector Visualization Enhancement

Release 10.1.5 (200421)

April 2020

  • Improved viewing symbol size
  • Tweaks for adding layers in time series and longitudinal profiles
  • Cell Map now more flexible
  • Refresh input setting into menu items in model controls and 2DH viewing options
  • Updated toxics (dissolved and DOC) for mass balance tool
  • Crash when automatically generating calibration plots
  • qctl.inp issue
  • Precision for data series
  • WQ restart issue
  • Flux comparison
  • Writing C33 issue
  • Flux comparison tool issue
  • LPT out of bound array issue
  • Grid displayed improperly in 3D View
  • Restarting runs, labeling and sedbed_hot filter
  • View time series with class options issue
  • Show TS BC Group issue
  • Get model path issue
  • Loading model result when changing page in calibration
  • Model Analysis: Error statistics not showing data pairs
  • Ground water issue of multiplier adjustment factor for flow and zone assignment

Release 10.1.4 (200316)

March 2020

  • Toxic Bed IC with sediment bed hard bottom option
  • Toxic IC in Toxic input form
  • Toxic Bed units conversion in IC assignment for all classes
  • Added Box-Whisker Plot
  • Writing weighting format issue
  • Sentry release date issue
  • Toxic WC bottom layer option issue
  • Viewing Harmonics time series
  • Reading Data files in calibration time series
  • Time series of high Frequency output
  • Remove IC option groupbox in Global Toxic tab
  • NetCDF LPT for case missing NPD in Card 67
  • Wind parameter issue
  • Nesting feature display wrong notification
  • Toxic bed initialization & reporting
  • Viewing Toxic Bed when Output Bed is not ready
  • Toxics Input setting

Release 10.1.3 (200227)

February 2020

  • Added settings for Boundary Labels
  • Upgrade to .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Added Sentry exception tracker
  • Export NetCDF for Sediment Bed, Toxics, Wind, LPT, SedZLJ…
  • Minor/major of tick axis when change units
  • Calibration TS
  • GVC issues
  • NetCDF D50
  • VP Plots
  • EPA Model Loading
  • Shift + Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow in panning with rotation angle
  • Selecting cells inside polygon issue
  • Nesting issues
  • Crash when generating animation
  • Flux tool issue
  • Time series html report
  • Writing weighting format issue
  • Time series for high frequency output
  • Overall statistics for toxic classes
  • Importing dye series issue

Release 10.1.2 (200131)

January 2020

  • Calibration & Error Statistics issue
  • Importing dye series issue
  • Reading BELV Output issue
  • Wrong Time Toolbar when clicking on the Refresh Model Output button
  • Equilibrium Concentration option
  • Spelling issues
  • Read/write WQSDMAP.INP issues

Release 10.1.1 (191217)

December 2019

  • Hydraulic Structure boundary issue
  • Hydraulic Structure TS Control
  • Rating curve issue
  • Writing layout for TS file issue
  • VP comparison issue
  • Fixed crashed issue when change Sedzlj layer
  • Layer opacity in 3D View
  • Auto-generate plots when running model
  • Oil background in 3D and other 3D items
  • Issue when switching between 2DH and 3D Views
  • Load and save settings for ADCP layers and velocity location file
  • Added FOC (fraction of organic cacbon) in WC and BED
  • Improving speed of calibration extraction
  • Naming of options (AHO, AHD etc) made consistent
  • Updates for calibration tools to load existing data

Release 10.1 (191112)

November 2019

New Features

  • Cell face blocking
  • Added atmospheric deposition of toxics
  • Time Varying Fields fully implemented
  • Added 3D so equivalent to EE8.5
  • Fish Habitat now implemented
  • Adding/Removing Grid Cells: N-S & E-W Connectors
  • Added ability to interpolate IC from BCs for Salinity and Temperature
  • Updated precision of DX/DY & LX/LY
  • Auto generate plots and statistics at end of run
  • Added GVC Option, add context menu for Data Grid Time Series
  • Added Time Series Statistics
  • Updated Time Aggregation
  • Updated Spline Editing
  • Updated ADCP Layer
  • Updated Model Nesting
  • Updated Mass Balance
  • Updated Time Tolerance
  • Updated Mass Balance
  • Updated calibration tools
  • Convert multiple fields files
  • Fixed vertical profile issues
  • Fixed LPT 2DH issues

Release 10.0.1 (190812)

August 2019

  • A number of bug fixes to the Beta version.

Release 10.0.0 (190522 Beta)

May 2019

New Features

  • Written in the latest .Net framework, mostly in C#. We anticipate this more modern tool has the prospect of decades of future development and maintenance. The old EE (all versions before 10.0) were written in VB6, which is no longer well supported by Microsoft.
  • A completely different user interface that is flexible and powerful to accommodate the existing EFDC+ capabilities but can be readily updated for all of the upcoming changes to EFDC+.
  • A Model Control window to create, edit, report and/or view EFDC+ models
  • A model results harmonic analysis tool
  • Load multiple models simultaneously with temporally linked 2D views and animations
  • View multiple time series and 2D plots simultaneously
  • 2D plan view now has true layer controls for viewing multiple constituents, labels, background imagery, data and much more
  • Robust set of model cell selection and editing tools
  • HTML based user run logs
  • HTML based complete model run summaries by feature/module or for the entire model
  • Links to web based data sources for water levels/harmonics
  • Geo-referencing tool that allows for image rotation and distortion control
  • EE assisted model nesting tool (in development)
  • Save and restore model(s) layouts for windows and windows setting
  • And many more enhancements and features.

Release 8.5.0 (190522)

May 2019

  • Interpolation of D50
  • SEDZLJ ICs incorrectly updating
  • ASCII Exports from Vertical Profile Plots converted temperature to Calendar data
  • Scanning output issue

Release 8.4.4 (181128)

November 2018

Minor New Features

  • Improved SWAN options when using a grid different to the EFDC mode grid
  • Improved 3D viewing for LPT drifters
  • Improved automated connection for E-W and N-S connectors to choose lowest bathymetry
  • NetCDF export option fixed
  • ViewPlan viewing particles by groups within a specific depth range

Release 8.4.3 (180723)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • Updated lines style for calibration plots
  • Improved WQ point source loading logic
  • Composite statistics updated to include toxics
  • Issues related to sediment core display and editing
  • Crash with unknown harmonics entry
  • Crash when adding or deleting hydraulic structure cells from a g BC group

Release 8.4.2 (180710)

July 2018

Minor New Features

  • 3D Collada files can change with time while animating
  • WQ Limit values and Sediment Diagenesis SOD display
  • Habitat issue when working with Channel Index
  • High frequency and correlation plot issue
  • Model Analysis – Tecplot file import issue; compare model with ADCP file

Release 8.4.1 (180524)

May 2018

  • Incorrect QC for ASER and WSER when checking BCs
  • Improved display of mass balance
  • Issues when comparing models
  • Polyline editor and panning issue
  • Habitat timing on x-axis
  • Habitat legend display
  • Table in Time-variable hydraulic structures not saved
  • Name in the Control-rule hydraulic structure not saved
  • English Units, temperature not change from 0 C to 0 F

Release 8.4 (180510)

May 2018

Major New Features

  • Habitat analysis with critical limits time series
  • Habitat Suitability Criteria (HSC) analysis with Instream Flow Incremental Method (IFIM)
  • Time variable and rule-based control of sluice gates
  • Rule-based control of the withdrawal/return boundary

Minor New Features

  • Improved structure for EFDC+ output files for increased reading speed and logic.
  • Spatially variable AHD and AHO
  • Momentum option for the flow boundary type
  • Groundwater linked to mass balance
  • Elevation specified – Free tangential open boundary condition
  • Whole channel rating curve option
  • Improved calibration tools for statistics, plotting formats, sub-periods
  • Ability to edit and save KML files in EE.
  • Saved plots features
  • TP and TN were not being displayed in boundary condition time series
  • Spatially varying RPEM not updating correctly.

Release 8.3.2 (180313)

March 2018

  • Misspelling in the code that alerted virus checkers
  • Incorrect reading sediment output files when changing sediment linkage frequency
  • Issue with lat/long being reset after saving new model
  • Crash when RMC on X-Axis of time series comparisons
  • Model path issue when changing default notepad
  • Issue with long model path being truncated
  • Error generating image file when “Automatically Generate Defined Plots” for Cruise Plots
  • Not able export data automatically from correlation plots
  • Error statistics issue for correlation plots
  • Process to ordering XData in series data
  • Wave values not saving to file
  • Ability to compare models that use different active modules

Release 8.3.1 (180104)

January 2018

  • Sediment model with SWAN issue
  • ViewProfile – sediment bed exaggeration  
  • View3D – water column display and 3D clipping by value
  • Define layer for high frequency snapshots time series
  • ViewPlan- Stop Extraction (day) when using Wave Parameters option
  • Wave model display (Sediment parameter + Steady Wave option)  
  • Numbering displayed in wind map weighting not clear
  • EFDC Input Tides issue, and import harconst.ee file             
  • Time series – set angle to Y axis and default line formatting
  • Atmospheric shading issue

Release 8.3.0 (171009)

October 2017

Major New Features

  • Mass balance conserved in SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Toxics capability added to the SEDZLJ sediment sub-model
  • Volatilization and Biodegradation added to toxics
  • Sigma-Zed sub-model enhanced to support one vertical layer
  • Sigma-Zed sub-model linkage files to exclude unused vertical layers

Minor New Features

  • Rooted Plant and Epiphyte sub-model initialization
  • Continuation runs updated for enhanced Sigma-Zed and SEDZLJ models
  • Saved plots feature updated
  • Added new boundary condition options for SWAN Input Settings
  • Extract vertical profiles of water column data in the format needed by EE for using profiles for setting IC’s.
  • Vertical Profile display option
  • Tool for smooth open boundary conditions
  • Jet plume interface updates
  • Updates to GUI for toxics and new option to set initial conditions for DOC and POC.
  • Added growth factor for Dynamic Time Stepping
  • Can set bottom layer for SGZ in ViewPlan edit at bottom of form.
  • Reset uniform layers function for Sigma-Zed
  • COD decay rate consistent across forms
  • RPEM output and linkage issues

Release 8.2.5 (170704)

July 2017

  • Crash when load too many points from ViewPlan into velocity time series
  • Crash when delete lines in Line Control Options for velocity time series

Release 8.2.4 (170703)

July 2017

Updates and Modifications

  • Added the option to export the boundary conditions for running SWAN when using the EE “Export SWAN” function.
  • Minor issues with jet/plume BC interface which flagged the W/R series as bad (ICAL=2)
  • W/R BC editing form resetting the table back to “None”.
  • Harmonic BC crash in editor

Release 8.2.3 (170627)

June 2017

  • SWAN invalid file path
  • Jetplume interface crash
  • RGFgrid export causing slight distortion
  • Line format when importing time series data
  • Bottom elevation legend display in bounday conditions viewing option in ViewPlan
  • Input for harmonic tides issue
  • NetCDF writing VELY & VELZ issue
  • Wave data initialization when double click icon

Release 8.2.2

February 2017

Updates and Modifications

  • Revised SGZ cell face metrics to better handle fluctuating WLs (EFDC+)
  • Update to SEDZLJ for erosion/deposition and bedload to correct mass balance (EFDC+)
    • Removed MORPHJ
    • Note that this requires a change to the EFDC.INP file so all models need to be saved before running for this release.
  • Layer controls hidden after selecting top layer of sediment
  • Added a check for viewing when water depth has not been initialized
  • License updates
  • ViewPlan – Show/Hide Legend
  • ViewPlan – Velocity time series crash
  • View3D – waves, toxics, water surface, WQ and legend display issues
  • Vertical profile plot display issue
  • Load marker issue for time series plots
  • Only check wind timing if nWser>1
  • Open BC vertical velocities bug (EFDC+)
  • Changed calheat to treat dry cells (EFDC+)
  • Bug fixed for WNDWHT and rearranged indices (EFDC+)
  • Hydraulic structure issue (EFDC+)
  • Bug when ISTOPT(2) =0 (EFDC+)
  • Changed the the order of the variables reading from C1A (EFDC+)

Release 8.2.1

January 2017

  • WQ variable initialization issue when turn on WQ module
  • Not save correct WQ BC grouping when opening from VEFDC model
  • Crash EE when view multiple velocity TS from ViewPlan
  • Time series calibration settings not saved
  • WQ light extinction values not being updated when modified in another form
  • EE could not browse to the root directory level
  • Scrambled model path when double click EE icon from model folder
  • NS-EW connection issue
  • Issue reading toxics file DOCW.INP

Release 8.2.0

November 2016

Major New Features

  • SEDZLJ Sediment Sub-model in EE
  • Marine & Hydrokinetics Sub-model in EE
  • netCDF Output from EFDC+
  • Atmospheric Pressure Impacts on Hydrodynamics
  • New Temperature Sub-Model Heat Balance Option

Minor New Features

  • Station weighting improvements for Wind/Ice/Atmospheric data files
  • Drifter Count Tool – Count drifters in a user specified area
  • Temperature sub-model user interface improvements
  • Improvement to 3D display options
  • Simplified numerical options
  • Vertical profile plots for presentation in Vertical Profile Tool
  • Added ability to correctly load VEFDC models

Updates and Modifications

  • Major update to View3D color ramps using array for viewing options
  • New Open BC feature to flatten bathymetry adjacent to BC group cells
  • Improvements to View3D georeferenced background images
  • UTM Zone and Model Centroid defaults and functionality
  • Modifications to method and autoscale for orthogonal deviation
  • Warning that for vertical profiles plots require 3 or more points
  • Alert if missing the start of the simulation period
  • Export oil values in LPT viewing option to the KML file
  • Shortcut key for license manager (F3)
  • Cruise plots display in SGZ
  • Viewing series data with comparison model
  • Issue of reporting bug when a bad project is found
  • Issue of deleting first line in wind series then deleting other series
  • Could not save anemometer height when switching wind series
  • Longitudinal profile tool to plot ice thickness
  • Time series calibration for ice issue
  • ATM series selection, TWet was not saved
  • EE display on task manager of Windows 10
  • Fixed WaveAngle, added WaveLength for Internal Waves
  • Legend disappearing
  • Read wrong time from SWAN model
  • View3D display of magnitude and legend when animating
  • Display 3D grid when clipping by value
  • Crash when using statistics tool
  • Issue when getting values on ViewPlan Water by Depth Option
  • Critical Habitat legend issue
  • Correct wrong assignment for solar radiation
  • Enable cell edit in ViewPlan Water by layer option
  • Updates to Critical habitat to work with WQ and water depth
  • Reading calibration file with empty lines
  • Issues with KC and KB when using in pointer calculations (converted to Long)

Release 8.1.3

September 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Enable cell edit for Water by layer
  • Vertical Profile Plots now allow change to width/height of form with Ctrl+W
  • Update name of View3D Viewing Options for color ramps
  • Updates to #output location (EFDCPlus)
  • Timing frame location in Trial Version
  • Critical Habitat legend issue in ViewPlan
  • View3D WC display for Sigma Zed
  • Corrected wrong assignment for Solar Radiation
  • Issues with KC and KB when using in pointer calculations
  • Fixed TFAST/TSLOW bug for Full Heat Balance (EFDCPlus)
  • Lagrangian Partical tracking issues in Sigma Zed (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.2

August 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Updates to dongle licensing
  • Clean and format activation log
  • Changes to clearly apply Z for View3D
  • Lagrangian Particle Tracking updates
    • Added more QC for particle generation
    • Updated some messages and tooltips
    • DrifterView = 3 as the default
    • Exporting function for SHP and KML
    • Change View3D for oil and ice color setting effect to follow the primary, secondary, tertiary color ramp settings
  • Moved banner setting to general 3D options
  • Update Save Plot for Velocity Map
  • Minor modification to the local SegElev array in View3D to make more consistent


  • Full deactivation and reinstallation required if updating from 8.1.0 or earlier
  • Known bug with scrambeld model path when double clicking EFDC.EE icon to open in some machines
  • Crash if update UTM location
  • Bed temperature flags when editing variable T and Thermal Thickness
  • Bug with loading WQ benthic maps when IC*JC > Integer short
  • Changed the DryLoss summary (EFDCPlus)
  • Drifter going through hydraulic structure BCs (EFDCPlus)
  • Fixed LPT in View3D when displaying with color elevation option

Release 8.1.1

August 2016 

Updates and Modifications

  • Fix particles to bed after deposition option (EFDCPlus)
  • Allow particles to not move with water depth (EFDCPlus)
  • Improved the writing of the QSER file for SGZ models
  • Updated wrapper for proxy
  • Added contour ratio option
  • LPT distribute drifters timing toggle
  • Added triangular cell for gradient fill


  • Full deactivation and reinstallation required when updating to this version.
  • Toxics precision issue
  • Particle color/legend issue
  • Apply all cells in BC Flow group issue.
  • BC popup displays many times/EE crashes when show BC
  • Show contour legend
  • Legend automatic zoom in when turning on contours
  • Contour line formating issues
  • ViewPlan: legend with All Layers & Bottom Layer options
  • View3D legend number format issue,
  • View3D particles issues
  • View3D inquire function
  • Updates to dongle message
  • Import CVL grid(s) bugs
  • CH3D grid import problem, generate grid problem, crash problem when load some EE7_2 model
  • Import Delft Grid bug
  • A problem with volume versus area weighting for water column
  • Bug with trying to set range for the wrong SedShow option
  • Minor ViewPlan inset updates
  • Velocity anchor, legend when rotate the model
  • Bug with time series plots of bed temperature and surface water temperature
  • Issue with editing bottom layer for SGZ models
  • Issue with displaying algal limiting factors for SGZ models when K < KL
  • Update for atmospheric option
  • Fixed velocities when compare models
  • Updated the save/load setting for ViewProfile
  • Load/save layout setting on vertical profile issue
  • Fixed NetCDF export from EE
  • Update I,J for NetCDF
  • Add a check to deal with crash when set bottom for larger .bil file
  • Issues with wet/dry
  • Fixed HDMF to all cells
  • 3TL issues (EFDCPlus)

Release 8.1.0

July 2016 

New Features

  • Offline/dongle activation
  • SEDZLJ input display
  • Time series cell list feature
  • Simplifed line formatting in time series plotting
  • Automatically change zone of wind station
  • netCDF export from EE when cell buffer less than 3.
  • View3D generate DEM issues
  • View3D viewer auto ramp feature
  • View3D Velocity banner scale
  • View3D display of masks issue
  • Did not use shape file to set vegetation class correctly
  • Autoscale with view feature did not work well
  • Legend text when plotting time series
  • Velocity vector display incorrect in some cases
  • Gradient fill feature did not work when showing oil
  • Export metafile after resizing frame
  • Longitudinal profiles plots feature issue in some cases
  • ViewProfile: show plan view not working
  • Contouring color ramp not assigned for the legend (ViewPlan)
  • Polygon editor crash
  • Model rotation interfered with other functions in ViewPlan
  • Contour color ramp was not assigned to the legend

Release 8.0.3

June 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Major updates to ViewPlan and View3D layout saving and loading
  • Timing frames save and load more consistently
  • Description for Weighting Map
  • Updated EFDC_BC to work better for selecting and deleting BC groups
  • Added better QSER treatment with Sigma Zed
  • Shortcut to delete the license file in special cases
  • Get color ramp types
  • Line editing updates (iSelectLine)
  • Longitudinal profile not updating for toxics/sediments and with multiple layers
  • QSER.INP writing when KC=1
  • ViewPlan zooming and rotating issues (display angle <> 0)
    • Rotation with rotated labels
  • Crash when edit blank annotation labels
  • Wave initialization message when run model
  • Velocity legend when all layers selected
  • Generate model options blacked on Windows XP
  • Load GVC model issue for one case
  • Ice model crash for one case
  • “Use Raw Data” option for ADCP Vector Plots
  • Wind timing frame when view time series
  • Wind timing with rotation and animation
  • Layout setting on FixedParams in ViewPlan
  • Timing frame XY plotting to eliminate the old TSTEP approach
  • ViewProfile vector display bug
  • Default font color issue
  • Timing issue (Go time)
  • Fix contour when viewing “% Irradiance Water”
  • Corrected Residual/Mean mass transport options
  • Update ContourSetRamp when loading/saving views and for MMT/Residuals
    • Fixed Contour Plot key issue, legend
  • Velocity vector jumps outside frame when animating
  • Several issues with the polyline editing tools in ViewPlan
  • View3D georeferencing, button/menu behaviors
  • Residual plot when change timing(scrlTime) while Residual turn on
  • ViewPlan, Velocity All Layers legend display issue
  • Particle tracking position issue
  • Loading velocity with high frequency when depth averaged
  • EE_SEZIJ.OUT and bugs from Yong Bok model (EFDC+)
  • Bug in SETBCS that caused the velocities to be reported as 0 (EFDC+)
  • Reverted to Jacobian matrix to 073_OMP code (EFDC+)

Release 8.0.2

May 2016

  • Issue with velocity not being output for some models

Release 8.0.1

April 2016

Updates and Modifications

  • Licensing and activation updates
  • Loading 3D GeoDEM surface file
  • Loading and displaying 3D structures (COLLADA) and added materials and effects
  • Loading comparsion model issues, load data file for calibration
  • Added Internal Arrays to the ViewProfile
  • Corrected correlation plot issue
  • Added wave default values to the EFDC.MDB initialization process
  • Corrected wave variable issues and display in ViewPlan
  • Added tooltips for AHO option
  • Timeseries Comparison Plots issue
  • Loading EE_BC output
  • Issue with time series plotting for multiple series
  • Crash when open timing frame in View3D
  • Removed duplicated calling of Rebuild3D function
  • Greek Symbols issue in BC’s and set focus bug
  • Fixed some minor issues with Overlays
  • Corrected caltoxb.f90 issue
  • Updated wet/dry issues with HKP/H1PK (EFDC)
  • Updated caltran.f90 for the anti-diffusion (nuanced) approach
  • Fixed some windwave issues when using SGZ (EFDC)
  • Added LLAD/LKAD variables (EFDC)
  • Removed vegetation from open BC cells (EFDC)

Release 8.0.0

March 2016

New Features

  • Sigma Zed EFDC Model integrated into EFDC+
  • OMP Model now part of EFDC+
  • Enhanced hydraulic structures including culverts and bridges (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • East-West connectors (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • Map file enhancement (EFDC+ and EE8)
  • Spatially variable background diffusivity (AHO)
  • Rooted Plant and Epiphyte Model (RPEM) in calibration plots
  • Import and display COLLADA structures in View3D
  • Time series plots for boundary conditions
  • Improved drifters visualization for large number of drifters
  • Use of pointers for water surface elevations (WSEL) to display larger models
  • Licensing changes

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