Welcome to EEMS

EE Modeling System is a hydrodynamic and environmental modeling system for performing technical environmental studies of freshwater and saltwater bodies. The software enables engineers and scientists to efficiently create accurate and scientifically-sound models of aquatic environments. Use EE Modeling System to model any river, lake, estuary, or coastal environment facing difficult environmental challenges, and report your findings clearly and effectively through the extensive post-processing capabilities.

The premier pre- and post- processor for EFDC.

The core computational engine for simulation of hydrodynamics, sediments, toxics and WQ.

Curvlinear grid builder for EFDC and other 2D models.

One Integrated Package

EEMS meets all of your modeling needs from data integration and grid building to development of complex models and reporting of results. There is no need to buy other software for reporting or data analysis, it’s all here, ready for you to start today.