The Curvlinear Grid builder for EFDC

What is CVLGrid?

CVLGrid is a grid-generating tool for building complex two-dimensional (2D) curvilinear grids for use in hydrodynamic models. CVLGrid has been designed to make the grid-building process quick, intuitive, and robust enough for even for the most challenging waterbodies.

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Build Complex Grids Quickly

CVLGrid is frequently used to produce very complex grids (such as the Amazon River and the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta), and very large grids, exceeding half a million cells. Watch this video to see how to build a grid of the waterbodies around Manhattan Island (Hudson River, Harlem River, and East River) in minutes.

Optimized for EE & EFDC

Our grid building tool has been optimized for use with EFDC+ and all the older versions of EFDC.
You can create the EFDC+ input files directly from CVLGrid.


Build Grids for Other Popular Models

EFDC+ and other hydrodynamic models such as ECOM, CH3D, and DELFT3D all require 2D curvilinear orthogonal or Cartesian grids.  CVLGrid is the ideal tool to support the building of these grids quickly and effectively.